About JT’s Sporting Reviews

“Australian sports fans love gossiping about rich and famous people- It makes them feel important and smug”- Something once uttered in a Messenger group chat, which perfectly sums up this page.

Hello reader! If you’ve somehow stumbled on my blog after a massive bender at some shit nightclub, or you’re figuring out that this isn’t Titus O’Reily, you should know that just like Paul Sheldon in Misery, you’re in for some pain, provided by me in the role of Annie Wilkes.  

Anyway, here at JT Sporting Reviews, I’ll be giving my own ‘unique’ take on the various sporting events of the past week in Australian sport, as I give shotgun abuse to everyone in sight, from women’s football to tennis players, Geelong supporters and Queenslanders.

The ‘genesis’ for the blog comes from the AFL subreddit on Reddit, where I’ve written my personal take on what happened during the weekend’s games since April 2014 (By my own recollection, the inaugural wrap-up was Round 6 of that year), accompanied by a song that may/may not have anything to do with the weekend’s events.

The other reason I’ve been inspired to start up the blog is because, well, as someone with a degree in journalism (I’m not lying and I have the evidence), I can pretty much never find anyone willing to take a chance on a young buck like myself.

So, in summary, stay a while and enjoy my distorted take on the sporting world!

The Gary Harley Favourite Backing Guide, and why I named it after Big Gaz

The Gary Harley Favourite Backing Guide, aka The Chalk Eaters Guide is easily the most popular post I put up every week, and many people (Especially over here in WA), have NFI who Gaz is.

In short, Gary Harley is a very popular form expert on Sky Racing and a true larrikin of the Hunter Valley, who has a knack of putting his tips in accordance with the first four horses in the market for a race. In fairness to Gaz, he is often proven correct, and he’s got me plenty of winners in doing so.

Before that, he was a commentator for the Newcastle Knights on 2HD, which included one of the great moments in Australian rugby league- the ’97 Grand Final.

Wildly screaming in delight- The way most commentators behave today.