The Motorsport Monday Chapters

Formula One: The Dastardly Downfall of Duncraig Dan


Chapter 1: The Albert Park Arse-Up

Chapter 2: Lights Out And Lights On In Bahrain

Chapter 3: The Spirit of Sir Jack In Shanghai

Chapter 4: A Grate Day Out In Baku

Chapter 5: Barceloooona, It was the first time that we met

Chapter 6: Hitting The Tables In Monaco

Chapter 7: Making Moves In Montreal

Chapter 8: In France, They Say Merde!

Chapter 9: Austria, Australia, Doesn’t Matter, No Points

Chapter 10: Verifying Stereotypes To The Poms

Chapter 11: Up In Smoke In A Deutsch Downpour

Chapter 12: The Hungarian Honey Badger, Very Harmless

Chapter 13: Black Weekend In Belgium

Chapter 14: The Monza Miracle

Chapter 15: Singapore- Too Revved Up And No Grid Place To Go

Chapter 16: Playing Russian Roulette And You’re The First Guy To Die

Chapter 17: Typhoon Dan Makes Landfall in Suzuka

Chapter 18: South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way

Chapter 19: All My Ex-Teammates Are In Texas

Chapter 20: In The Abode Of Ayrton

Chapter 21: Schoooooool’s out, for, summer!

MotoGP: The Journey Of The Jackass and the Remy Rollercoaster

Chapter 1: The Quietness of Qatar

Chapter 2: You Can Cheer For Him, Argentina

Chapter 3: Every Podium Is Bigger In Texas

Chapter 4: Take Me, Spanish Caravan

Chapter 5: The Le Mans Just Over Half An Hour

Chapter 6: The Italian Job

Chapter 7: A Jackass In A Land of Matadors

Chapter 8: The Dutch Like Their Speed… And Other Drugs

Chapter 9: A Certain Spaniard Slobbers The Sachsenring

Chapter 10: Czeching Out The Podium In Brno

Chapter 11: Desmo Dovi’s Austrian Arseiness

Chapter 12: Headingley Wasn’t The Only Thriller In Britain On August The 25th

Chapter 13: A Sea Of Yellow In San Marino

Chapter 14: A+ In Aragon

Chapter 15: The Siam Sojourn

Chapter 16: Samurai Jackass

Chapter 17: Marooned on a windswept Island

Chapter 18: The Malaysian Malaise

Chapter 19: The Last Laugh In Lorenzo Land

MotoGP 2020

Chapter 1: What remained of Qatar

Chapter 2: Starting the season where Mick Doohan’s Career Ended

Chapter 3: New Race, Same Place

Chapter 4: Czech yourself before you wreck yourself

Chapter 5: The Spielberg Remakes

Chapter 6: The Hysteria Of Styria

Chapter 7: The Ass Of The Adriatic

Chapter 8: Tears Through Tear-Offs

Chapter 9: Saint Joan of Suzuki, the late race Mir-acle worker

Chapter 10: Slippery When Wet

Chapter 11: Alex Against Alex At Aragon

Chapter 12: The Terror Of Teruel

Chapter 13: Joan M1R

Chapter 14: A Mir Formality/****in’ Nearly

Chapter 15: The Party In Portimao

Chapter 15, Part 2: The Remy Rollercoaster Peaks

Supercars 2020: The Scotty Circus

Chapter 1: The Adelaide 500

Chapter 2: The Sydney Supersprint, Part 1

Chapter 3: The Sydney Supersprint, Part 2

Formula 1 2020

Chapter 1: Another blockbuster involving Spielberg

Chapter 2: Styria, it’s just Syria with more Austrians

Chapter 3: 2021 Racing Point defeats 2020 Racing Point

Chapter 4: Does the NHS cover damaged tyres?

Chapter 5: A 70th Birthday Where Nobody Gets Invited

Chapter 6: Spain, where the ‘S’ is Silent

Chapter 7: The Germans conquer Belgium… again

Chapter 8: Let It Tow, Let It Tow, Let It Tow!

Chapter 9: Under the Tuscan Sun

Chapter 10: Mercedes, unbeaten in Russia for 107 years

Chapter 11: Eifel, Eiffel, either way, the French love it

Chapter 12: A weekend in the Algarve


Chapter 14: Lewis Hamilton and the Turkish Delight

Chapter 15: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls Of Fire!

Chapter 16: When the cat goes away, the mice will play