Picking Collingwood to win the flag is like smoking in a gas filled room

“History tells you it’s just so damn hard to do”

Garry Lyon on SEN, talking about Collingwood trying to win Grand Finals

Revered master of spin Garry ‘Nathan’ Lyon has staked his claim as the Robert Walls of 2019, already picking against West Coast in their efforts to win Back to Back premierships, something the Eagles have never done.

Garry Lyon, former Melbourne Captain

After all, going back to back is so hard it hasn’t happened since the prehistoric year of 2014- Ah, what a day.

But Gaz has gone with the time honoured tradition of Victorians picking Victorians, and his gone with Collingwood to insert their Big Cox into opposition backlines through 2019 and take out this year’s flag!

Because Garry, if history has told us anything, the Maggies have a long and proud tradition of avenging lost Grand Finals, which they’ve done 4 times times in their 126 years of existence, sending the people of Australia fleeing each time.

Surely the key for the black & white to win a flag is to have no expectations going into the season, like last year. So you know what, good pick Gaz, I hope more people follow suit!

In parting, I would like to add that it’s completely incorrect when people say that Nathan Buckley hasn’t won a premiership with the Magpies. He did! In 1992…. for Port Adelaide in the SANFL.

It did happen, I swear! Pic:The Advertiser

When asked for his predictions for the upcoming season, Robert Walls misunderstood the question and gave 3 votes to Patrick Cripps.

TL:DR- Victorian picks Victorian team with players coming back from injury to win flag

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