Tuesday Tidbits: 19th February

AFL: Fremantle bought a defective Harley three years ago and it still isn’t working. Harley Bennell suffered yet another calf injury on the training track, his second old man’s injury this year, at the age of 26. Only the calves in North Queensland are having a worse time than Bennell’s.

Fremantle moved to Cockburn to be closer to Success (Get that joke?) but they’re still pretty far away.

Classic joke by my dad a few years ago

Racing:  Votes for the All-Star Mile closed on Monday, with the Top 10 to be revealed on Thursday, and the horse that stuck out among the Group performers was Chris Munce’s gelding Urban Ruler, with a measly handicap rating of 76.

The gelding was belted by eight lengths by Sword of Justice last start at Doomben, which prompted the winners’ owners to declare that Munce’s horse would get beaten by 50 lengths in the All-Star Mile, which would make the horses that finished in the Top 10 of voting approximately (50/8=6.25) times better than Urban Ruler!

Urban Ruler is entered for two races at Eagle Farm on Saturday, so he has managed to get a few people to view racing in Brisbane at this time of year when their eyes are glued to the events further south.

I’ll put it on the record that I’d like to see him run at Flemington next month, just so I can put money on the course ambulance to beat him home. 

Meanwhile, the long running Ben Currie saga in Queensland reached another milestone as the state’s leading trainer was finally suspended after a show-cause hearing on Monday.

After 32 charges, numerous stays of proceedings and a trip to the Supreme Court, it only took 7 new charges (Including some jigger charges) to take the dodgy Currie down.

Currie’s lawyers are now heading to QCAT to get another stay of proceedings, calling the charges “slanderous”. If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more lawyers. Can you imagine a world without lawyers?

Dodgy Curries are usually hard to squeeze out, and this one is no exception.

NRL: West Tigers veteran Robbie Farah says he’s “embarrassed” to say he plays in the NRL, after the League’s reputation crashed through the earth’s crust this off-season.

That’s a negative way of looking at things, because he can go around Sydney saying he plays in the NRL, and hasn’t been arrested for a sexual offense.

NBL: Andrew Gaze will leave the Sydney Kings at the end of the season to return to his family in Melbourne. Because if there’s one thing that can motivate a team, it’s the coach telling his players he’s buggering off in a few weeks, so get it done!

Andrew, for doing this on the eve of a crucial finals series, WE SAY…..

Also, how the hell did Trevor Gleeson not even finish in the Top 4 of Coach of the Year voting? He only coached the Cats to the minor premiership!

Motorsport: Formula One pre-season testing has started and Daniel Ricciardo drove his first laps for Renault, and thanks to the fact that the car is built by the French, he and teammate Nico Hulkenberg finished 2.8 seconds off Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari. 

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