Tuesday Tithbits: 12th March

Some musings that I can remember actually happened as of Monday evening through to Tuesday morning.


Congratulations to West Coast, who have backed up winning the 2018 Premiership by ‘winning’ the 2019 JLT Series!

Another one for the trophy cabinet at Indian Pacific Limited.

Meanwhile, Fox Footy’s Paul Roos earnt the ire of the Twittersphere during the Collingwood-Carlton game at Morwell, which finished off the JLT Community Series.

A few of Roosy’s thought provoking insights included:

Asserting that the team that scores more usually wins.

Constantly mentioning how big Patty Cripps is for a midfielder (Apparently he’s tall).

Projecting his Round 1 team for the Magpies, ignoring their skipper Scott Pendlebury, and putting in Steele Sidebottom twice.

This man coached a premiership team… so he’ll tell you.

Roosy also mentioned the need for clubs to develop young players through the state leagues, and proceeded to cite Tom Mitchell playing in NEAFL at Sydney as an example.

Yes Paul, that would be a good example, as John Longmire ignoring Mitchell in the NEAFL while he was getting 64 disposals a game led to him asking for a trade to Hawthorn, where he’s now won a Brownlow Medal.

Thanks Ralphy.

I think “Re-establish your brand” means we can expect Jo Silvagni or Sally Williams appearing on our TV screens, previewing this exciting new football product called “Collingwood” and how good it’s going to be in 2019.


The SCG has undergone emergency surgery ahead of Friday night’s Chooks-Bunnies match, with 3,000 square metres of turf being replaced after the Waratahs and Reds used their forward packs to turn it into Bondi Beach.

At least the surf was up (Source: ABC News)

As someone with little experience in stock markets and investing in general, I will urge you ordinary Australians to GET ALL YOUR MONEYS OUT OF THE BANK AND INVEST THEM IN TURF COMPANIES, because once the supercells hit in April, they’ll be playing 3 games a week on the SCG and consequently be replacing the green stuff by the thousands of square metres every Monday!

You can then hit up Alan Jones and his friends at the SCG Trust for hundreds of thousands of dollars… assuming Labor doesn’t win the state election and sack the lot of them.


Moving away from Australia’s monumental feat of going 2 ODI matches without being humiliated, the last round of the Sheffield Shield has come at us thick and fast, and the Queensland-South Australia match is a deadset barn burner.

The Banana-benders got bowled out for 115 as Tom ‘Daywalker’ Andrews took 6-40, and in reply the Croweaters managed to top that performance…. by being dismissed for 71 after losing their last 6 wickets for 8 runs.

These three deliveries sum up the match.

And now keeping up this craptacular display, Queensland are 5-60 in their 2nd innings.

If these are the sort of batsmen Cricket Australia want to send to England for the Ashes, we may as well send the urn back via express post tomorrow.

The Horses (Yeah Yeah)

Clickety-clack, the Pumper’s back.

Retired Hall of Fame jockey Jim ‘The Pumper’ Cassidy says he thought he was “dead” after surviving a head-on crash in Sydney’s North-West on Saturday.

Fortunately he escaped with bruising and small bleeding on the brain, and should be out of hospital soon.

Pump had a few rough rides in his 30+ year career, including nearly being thrown off Grand Marshal in his last Melbourne Cup, and he said he’d rather have another fall off a horse than a car crash.

Meanwhile, there was a surprise in the Adelaide Cup, as Surprise Baby, in just his 6th career start, was backed in from $12 to $4.80 on race day and pulled away to win one of the few 3200m races remaining in Australia.

Invariably a result like that gets described as a ‘win for the good guys’, especially his trainer Paul Preusker…. after you completely ignore the fact that he was the jigger man before Darren Weir.

Formula One

As part of the celebrations around Bernie Ecclestone’s departure, which has now gone on for 2 years, an inaugural F1 Season Launch is being held at Federation Square, with the drivers being presented on stage at 5pm.

And ahead of the new season, they’ve dropped a classic nostalgia trip for a trailer.

Say, I think I saw Mark Webber splashing a drink bottle on his face at the 2005 Bahrain GP in there!

Come Saturday and Sunday, Australian viewers will think the AFL season had started a weekend early, when they see a wide shot of the pit straight and notice an endless sea of fans in yellow and black, as the Tiger Army descend on Albert Park to support a West Aussie driving for a bunch of Frenchmen.

And once they see the Ferrari fans in red, they’ll also think Richmond are playing Sydney.


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