Tuesday Tithbits: 7th May

Sit around children, it’s time for a story.

25 years today since Plugger hit Peter Caven


This probably will be forgotten by many, but today is the 25th anniversary of the game that proved the epitome of the legendary best and thuggish worst of Tony ‘Plugger’ Lockett- Sydney vs St Kilda at the SCG, in Round 7 of the 1994 AFL season- Aka, when Peter Caven ran into Plugger’s elbow.

Seething over the ‘Pig on the Ground’ the year before, Plugger was out for revenge, and the unfortunate bugger was the Sydney defender, who wound up copping a brutal 120kg elbow going back with the flight for a mark, causing a severely broken nose and ruling him out for 3 months, in one of the more infamous acts of thuggery.

Part 2 of this story comes when the lowly Swans raced away to a 51 point lead, and with only 12 minutes to go, led by 48 points, but Plugger and the Saints were far from done.

The big fella racked up 12 marks and kicked another big bag of 11 goals, with his 10th a rocket aimed straight at Kenny Williams and the rest of the elderly folk in the Swans cheersquad, and his 11th from a set shot put the Saints ahead by a point with 22 seconds remaining, and they would hold on for a dramatic win 16.14 (110) to 17.7 (109), and gave the 9,000 fans that had shown up a traditional Ballarat farewell.

Still: Channel Seven

“You know what that says, Sydney fans, Plugger Lockett has the last word!” – Peter Landy

Plugger went straight to the tribunal a few days later, and after pleading not guilty, was suspended for 8 weeks.

The funny part was, of course, that Lockett and Caven would become teammates the next year when the big fella made the move to Sydney, but Caven left and went on to greater fame at Adelaide, doing something that Plug couldn’t do.

Win a premiership… twice.

And to finish the story, here’s Caven bashing an effigy of Plugger with a baseball bat on Denton.

Footage from ‘The Times’ and ‘Denton’ (Youtube: Tony Featherstone)

Cricket Victoria shoot the Bear

While Cricket Australia are going about next season’s fixtures and how much they can run every competition into the ground, Cricket Victoria have done the unthinkable.

They’ve shot dead Cameron ‘Bear’ White’s distinguished career for the Big V.

18 years, two billion Shield titles, One Day titles galore, a Big Bash title, captain of his state for a grand total of 149 matches- More than any other player.

Ever since episode three of Game of Thrones, it hasn’t been a good time to be a bear.

Now, on to the Cricket Australia fixtures!


For the first time in a generation, the summer of international cricket will run into late March, primarily because we won’t be playing any men’s international cricket between the New Year’s test against New Zealand and the start of the Chappell-Hadlee series on March 13.

A few highlights- A T20 in Canberra on Melbourne Cup night, Day/Night tests in Adelaide (Pakistan) and for the first time, Perth (New Zealand), plus the first Boxing Day test against New Zealand since 1987.

Do I hear a ‘Hadlee’s A Wanker’ chant emanating from Bay 13?

And then there’s that massive 2 month gap just to play India in an ODI Series during January.

And for some reason, we have the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy in late March, with two ODIs scheduled at the SCG on the 13th and 15th of March.

Right as the NRL season begins, and a week before the AFL season begins.

As if the state of the SCG surface a few months ago wasn’t crap enough, imagine playing games there after ripping the cricket pitch in and out- ACL tears galore.

Israel Folau

Israel Folau is the snake to Rugby Australia’s mongoose… or the mongoose to their snake… either way it’s bad. I don’t know animals.

Izzy’s battle with Rugby Australia has entered day four, and he’s already rejected a straight up offer of $1 million to walk away from rugby, which should be an indication to Raelene Castle to start plucking the Dueling Banjos, in preparation for what Izzy’s legal team will do to their finances.

At least we didn’t have to wait until Bledisloe time for someone to completely and utterly bend over Australian rugby.

Mat Ryan will decide the Premier League title

One way or another, Socceroos and Brighton goalkeeper Mat Ryan will decide the outcome of the Premier League title, thanks to Man City’s 1-nil win against Leicester this morning.

The reason I say Mat Ryan is because City play Brighton on the South Coast on the final day of the season, with City (Obviously) having it all to play for, and the Seagulls already secure from relegation and only playing for pride.

This is a big chance for Mat could restore the reputation of Australians at Liverpool, which hit a low point due to Harry ‘Crepe Paper’ Kewell, and never had a chance to recover while Brad Jones was stuck behind Pepe Reina and Simon Mignolet.

I have something planned for the Election

I’ll say a few things- It involves footy teams, Albo will be charging out of the goalsquare, and I reckon Egg Boy will be coming off the bench for the ALP, if today’s events in Albury are anything to go off.

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