Tuesday Tithbits: 23rd July

It’s another Tuesday, and amazingly, everything’s coming up Hawthorn… despite us being 8-9 and a game out of the Top 8.

The circus is being brutally executed.

AFLX is marked for death… according to Tim Watson

Not so Zooper Dooper news for all four fans of the Flyers, but I guess this is a GATORADE GAME CHANGER.

The Hawthorn Section (Completely ignoring Jarman Impey’s Knee Reco)

Tom Mitchell has re-signed with the Hawks until 2023

Here’s a live shot of Alastair Clarkson.

Mitchell ‘Lewis Mitchell’ Lewis is the Round 18 Rising Star!

3 goals in each of his last 3 games as well.

True story- He has a doppelganger named Sam Jordan.

Shaun Burgoyne is about to reach another milestone

This one also involves Adam Goodes, but assuming that nothing unforseen happens, and Silk does play for the Hawks this Saturday, he’ll play his 372nd game, which would tie Goodesy for the most games played by an Indigenous player!

And just think, he’s only just coming into his prime.

Send into midfield in case of emergency.

A True Fact about this AFL Season

With Carlton winning on Saturday, every team in the AFL has won back-to-back games at least once this season, marking 2019 as the first season since 2010- And the first with the Suns and Giants in the league- That every team has won back-to-back games in a season!

That little piece of information was discovered by one of my fellow /r/afl users in “/u/I_DRINK_BONG_WATER”

Yes, that is his/her name.

NRL: The Bulldogs are heading to Perth… once a year!

In an effort to warm the seat up for Peter Beattie ripping out some poor club’s organs and feeding them to the people of Perth, Canterbury have signed a contract with the WA Government to play an annual game at NIB Stadium, obviously due to a number of factors- No.1 being the Olympic Stadium reconstruction, which will see them move games to Bankwest, and also play their usual lot of games at Belmore.

If this works out for them, maybe they could change their name to the Western Bulldogs!

Another NRL Milestone- Robbie Farah’s 300th Game!

Good lord, the NRL are churning these out like major milestones like Disney chuck out Marvel films.

Obviously there was Cam Smith’s 400th game, but we’ve also had Adam Blair reach 300 games, as did Benji Marshall and Gavin Cooper, and James Graham is only a few weeks away from playing his 400th total Super League/NRL game.

Although to be honest, I don’t the Lebanese Rugby League will be sending him a congratulations card anytime soon.

Good to see Mack Horton tone down his Sun Yang protests

By not even qualifying for the 800m freestyle final.

Speaking of which, I noticed that throughout all the abuse the Chinese were giving him on Instagram, there was one random comment of “Cabbage”, which I imagine is because Sun’s fans think Horton is some kind of white vegetable.

Apparently it’s a seppo word for ‘Garbage’

In the PRC, that’s probably an absolute zinger they fire at idiots, but here, that’s basically like me and every other angry mongoloid calling AFL or NRL players ‘spuds’, because some of them deserve completely unwarranted and hurtful abuse for being useless at playing sport.

Nash Rawiller returns to riding on Thursday

Photo: Getty Images

The man who was once the best hoop in Australia returns to the humble surrounds of Thursday racing at The ‘Gong.

It’s easy to forget why we’re here now- Nash was a regular in the Hong Kong riding ranks, until he was suspended for 15 months on ANZAC Day 2018, for having interests in bets on his horses, and for accepting gifts and cash in exchange for tips.

As Chris Munce showed us many years ago, that’s always a smart business move in a place like Honkers, where the Jockey Club and the authorities are very relaxed to corruption.

All in all, Nashy boy was very lucky not to end up like Muncey… being ridden at 55 kilos in a Honkers prison cell.

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