Tuesday Tithbits: 30th July

Robbie Farah gives one last drive-by to the press, and announces his retirement. (Still: Fox Sports)

“A lot of you guys I like, some of you I don’t. For various reasons, but the one thing about me is if I don’t like you, you’ll know about it.”

I believe Jason Taylor can attest to that, Robbie.

Robbie Farah hits the big 3-hunge and says “I’m outta here”.

Because there’s no greater high to go out on, than knocking a struggling Knights team out of the Top 8.

Apparently there’s something called an Ashes starting on Thursday

Of course, this is the first test of the brand new ICC Test Championship, which will run through to 2021, with the aim of increasing the flailing interest in Test cricket outside of the ‘Traditional’ countries.

This August start date because of the World Cup is a welcome change- Usually by this point in a Tour to England, the Aussies are already at least 2-nil down in the Series.

Although the First Test is at Edgbaston, so we’re as good as 1-nil down already.

Red Bull beat their own pit stop record in Hockenheim- 1.88 seconds!

Word of warning- Turn your sound down.

Footage: Formula One Management

And that was in a slippery pit lane as well- A true testament to preparation.

The Renault F1 Truck (Which didn’t have the cars in it) crashed on the highway to Budapest

For f**k’s sake, even the team truck can’t stay on the road.

Source: Formula One Subreddit

Fortunately, the driver was perfectly fine.

Who the hell’s playing in this Boomers vs Team USA game anymore?

Apparently fans aren’t happy that they paid a year’s worth of tax returns to watch the Boomers (Minus a welching Ben Simmons) take on a bunch of well-known NBA All Stars, who have now been replaced by lesser-known NBA All Stars like Kemba Walker and Andre Drummond, especially given that Ticketmaster advertised the likes of James Harden (Who was never coming), Kevin Durant (Who blew out his Achilles tendon), Paul George and Anthony Davis.

It reminds me of this scene from The Simpsons:

We haven’t seen this many NBA players pull out of something since the late ’90s.

The black death currently striking Collingwood

Here’s a live look at Collingwood’s injury list.

I think I saw Jordan De Goey in there.

Ahead of this week’s game against the Suns, the Pies could have as few as 27 players avaliable … although Bucks will still find a way to not pick Flynn ‘Stuart’ Appleby.

Considering there’s 22 players + 3 emergencies named every week, they’re potentially 2 more injuries away from Eddie McGuire’s sons being placed on the rookie list.

Eddie’s Weird Idea For Umpiring Games

Eddie McGuire’s brain has long been fried, as evidenced by him trying to revive The Footy Show, but he’s reaching new heights here- 8 UMPIRES MAKING DECISIONS!

According to the fruity story in the Murdoch press, The plan goes like this:

Four would be stationed on the goallines (two at each end), one would bounce the ball in the centre then move out, one would cover the forward 50m arc, and the final two would be in the defensive half.

And the best part is this-

“I’d dress them up like (NFL) referees and put them in long pants.”

Photo: Jason Behnken/Associated Press

Then again, if you’ve seen the Pies’ free kick differential this year (Hint: They’re ranked 1st), the umpires have basically been wearing black and white the whole time.

MotoGP- It’s back this weekend!

The summer break is over, and the bikes will be back at Brno in ‘Czechia’ , starting from Friday.

I know a certain Mr Merv who has been waiting eagerly for another MotoGP Report!

Sydney FC taking on Paris Saint-Germain in China TONIGHT!

Thanks to the Sky Blues’ experience in the Asian Champions League, they’ve got plenty of experience with being belted in the People’s Republic.

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