Tuesday Tithbits: 13th August

Farewell, Monsieur Roughnut

Obviously Roughy’s career is filled with superb personal and team achievements- Beating cancer, winning 4 flags, a Coleman Medal, All-Australians, but one of his finer achievements was becoming one of the most likeable players in the game, which was no small feat playing in those Hawks teams full of floggos who… let’s just say, “Pushed the boundaries”.

Actually, they elbowed the boundaries… in the face.

Some of my favourite Roughy Moments

That time after the 2004 Draft when 17 year olds named Roughy and Buddy made us realise that Alastair Clarkson really was a midget:

Photo: News Limited

And obviously you’ve just seen the mullet stage, but here’s that time he impersonated The Shining:

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Roughy!

Aaron Sandilands is officially retiring

Aside from his massive Size 18s, Big Sandi shall always be remembered for his impersonation of Mr Larson chasing Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore.

“I believe that ball belongs to Mr Fyfe!”

Funnily enough, Sandi is the only current player who has lost a final to Essendon (The 2003 Elimination Final).. quite fittingly, the Dockers are playing the Bombers this week.

More weird AFL Fixturing

The big 3rd vs 4th battle between Richmond and West Coast will be the first time in 15 months that the Tigers and Eagles have played each other (Round 9 last year), and only the 2nd time in the last 28 months.

For context, since May 2018, West Coast has played Collingwood 5 times (2 finals), and Collingwood has played Richmond 4 times (1 final).

Funnily enough, Richmond’s last two games are against the only two teams they’re yet to play in 2019- West Coast and Brisbane.

Souths heart and soul John Sutton set to retire after 2019

329 games, the most of any player in the rather storied history of the Rabbits, and he’s the only Souths captain that doesn’t currently qualify for a pensioner’s card.

Maybe now I can stop confusing his name for Gentleman John Sattler.

The Shaun Lane Mad Monday Story

If you ask me, he should change his name to Shaun Line.

Low hanging fruit there, and it wasn’t even my joke.

The Melbourne Storm Phone Ban – It’s proving a good call

The ‘Telly’ ran a story that perked my interest, and it’s about how the Storm take their player’s phones no later than 90 minutes before a game, so the playing group will focus on the game, a policy inspired by the AFL’s official stance on phones.

Craig Bellamy and his assistants tried joining in on Sunday… The only problem was, it wasn’t a club official that took their phones.

I brought this up because I can remember Alastair Clarkson did the same thing with Hawthorn before a game in Sydney back in 2011, at a point in time where the Hawks hadn’t won in Sin City since 2003.

The club took the players’ phones 24 hours before the game on a Sunday… lo and behold, the Hawks won by 46 points, and the players got their phones back immediately after the game, and the likes of Buddy and Hodgey promptly let their families know they hadn’t been kidnapped in King’s Cross.

Red Bull swapping Pierre Gasly for Alex Albon

Pierre Gasly, who replaced Daniel Ricciardo after last year, has now been replaced by a bloke who hadn’t even driven a Formula One car prior to February- Alex Albon.

This could prove an omen, because the last time Red Bull and Toro Rosso pulled an in-season driver change was 2016, when Daniil Kvyat was replaced by Max Verstappen before the Spanish Grand Prix… and the Dutchman won his first race.

If that proves true, get down to the bookies and plonk several ponies on the first Thai winner in F1 history.

AND TO FINISH: Jofra Archer firing in another Jofradamus Tweet before the Lord’s Test

Cheers Neil.

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