Tuesday Tithbits: 20th August

We start off another Tough Tuesday with the Sandra Sully late news of the slaying of Ross the Boss (Plus CEO Steve Rosich), effectively immediately.

There’s only one person I turned to for a reaction…. Daddy Doker.

The Bell has tolled for Ross (And Rosich)

I believe this makes Ross The Boss’ Twitter account the AFL’s answer to Jofra Archer’s Tweets.

Classic Ross The Boss- He joins Twitter in 2013, sends out one Tweet that says”Watch This Space” a few days later, disappears, and then out of nowhere he gave us that hilarious message… Of course, Freo promptly spent the next few months plummeting down to 16th.

Personally I hope he goes back to St Kilda next year… Just to see the Saints supporters recoil in horror.

That’s now two coaches sacked after losing to Essendon

Brendon Bolton in Round 11, and now Ross the Boss after Round 22.

And to think, the Essendon coterie want Worsfold chopped.

Jordan Lewis

What was lost in Freo’s bloodletting is that another 4-time Premiership Hawk in the Warrnambool bogan Jordan Lewis has confirmed this Saturday will be his 319th and final game of footy.

Twitter: Hawthorn Football Club

Of course, the Dees are playing North Melbourne in Hobart, so I wonder if Todd Goldstein has a retirement present for Jordy, after a career’s worth of late hits to the face.

Detailing a very weird event from yesterday

So it appears that my weekly Meaningless Review (The latest being for Round 22) of the footy ended up in the Google Chrome app Content Suggestions, and to my shock and horror, throughout yesterday, the site stats went off like the Tsar Bomba.

That’s an usually high number of Google searches….

I think the Review post alone is now up to 715 views… Quite a bizzare turn of events to say the least- I thought Kochie had succeeded, and the Chinese had latched on to the website and were really keen to find out about the weird world of the AFL!

Nathan Brown leaving the Knights at the end of the year

This had been threatening for a number of months, even as early as April when they had that crap start to the year, but it actually has happened.

With the way the Cowboys’ season is heading, there’s a chance that Green could become Brown in Townsville…

But, as a parting gift, Browny has given us one last gem…

Bradman Best to debut for the Knights this weekend

What an absolute ripper of a name- Now I can finally tell my kids I saw Bradman play.

In light of Steve Smith’s performances, I wonder if BB’s full name is “Bradman Second Best”.

Matt Scott’s Stroke

The Cowboys statement on the incident

I thought Robbie Farah’s broken leg was going to be the worst case of luck for the 2019 retirees, but then Matt Scott ended up in a Brisbane hospital on Sunday after suffering a mild stroke.

If this does bring Scotty’s career to an end 3 games short of the big last hurrah, then what a shame, but the more important thing is that he makes a full recovery!

The Weird and Whacky ICC Player Rankings

After the Lord’s Test, and ahead of the action at Headingley starting on Thursday, Pat Cummins, who was already ranked as the #1 Test Bowler, has equalled Glenn McGrath’s record as the highest-rated Australian test bowler in history.

Cummins now sits on 914 ranking points after his performance at Lord’s, equaling the Pigeon, who also reached the 914 point mark back in the 5th Test of the ’01 Ashes, after he claimed 5-43.

Based on his performance with the bat, I also wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the best Australian all-rounder on the rankings.

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