Tuesday Tithbits: 27th August

Nice work dingbats

Ah, the last one of the winter.

Nathan Brown hightailing the hell out of Newcastle a fortnight early

I’m too busy enjoying a strawberry thickshake to care about this.

AFL Scoring

Yep, the last time scoring was this low, the VFL decided to increase the season from 18 to 20 Rounds… which also allowed Peter Hudson to rack up the first 100 goal season since 1952.

Somehow this historical achievement won’t get SHocking the arse, despite failing in the one requirement of his job.

The Melbourne Rebels sign Harry Potter

I’m not kidding, this happened.

Every bloody time he does something good, it’s probably met with “A real piece of magic there from Potter!”.

Apparently this was just a case of superb timing from Harry’s parents- His birth date is December 15, 1997, and the Philosopher’s Stone was released June 26, 1997, and wasn’t released in the US until 1998, so the name hadn’t quite gained hilarious status.

It makes me think of some other ‘unfortunate’ names- Port Adelaide have a player named Joel Garner, Gary and Phil Neville’s dad was Neville Neville, and I went to school with a bloke called William Williams… I believe he’s now known in hindsight as ‘Double Dick’.

As a result of all this, hopefully JK Rowling now has a great idea for a sequel to the Deathly Hallows- Harry Potter and the Crap Rugby Team.

Farewell to ‘The Sack’

Tyson Goldsack has seen the light and joined the 2019 retirement cavalcade, and the man known as ‘The Sack’ is one of the few remaining players from Collingwood’s 2010 Premiership, which very nearly didn’t happen, considering he didn’t play in the Draw.

Of course, there’s the classic story of his mum Wendy putting $5 on him kicking the first goal in the Replay at 81/1… which he did.

The AFL ultimately realised it was simple case of a mother believing in her child, and somehow the ticket ended up in Jamie Cooper’s commemorative painting!

In the top left corner, he’s hugging Alan Toovey and holding a white slip of paper.

Just think, at one point in time, Collingwood had (Shannon) Cox, (Brad) Dick and Goldsack on their list.

Supercars Silly Season

The first domino has fallen, with 2010 champion James Courtney leaving Walkinshaw after 8 years, filled with many brutally unlucky injuries and plenty of unsuccessful seasons.

If the furphies end up being true, then Chas Mostert will be taking JC’s next year, and James will be joining Mark Winterbottom in an expanded Charlie Schwerkolt/Irwin Team.

It’s a tough choice for Chas- Leave a consistent Tickford team who are as toxic as an abandoned Soviet city, or go to

John Millman vs Rafa, 1st Round of the US Open

I think Johnny’s chances of defending his Quarter Final points from last year are in a bit of shit here, gang.

The Mailman’s current ranking is No.60, and assuming he does lose to Rafa (Which he probably will), he’s going to drop to at least No.89.

Although, I should point out that it will be tough for Rafa to back up again, considering he was taking on Roger Federer in a brutal match this morning.

Hang on, that was his Bollywood counterpart, Sumit NAGAL.

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