Tuesday Tithbits: 10th September

RIP Spud, you never failed to make me laugh

You want to know how significant Danny Frawley’s work in having defenders recognised was?

The petition to make the Golden Fist an official honour on Brownlow Night has now passed 45,000 signatures.

Make it happen Gil.

Remembering some classic Spud on Triple M Footy moments

I think like most people, I was shocked when I heard about Danny Frawley’s death yesterday, not only because I watched Bounce regularly, but I’ve listened to the Saturday Rub on Triple M for 9 years, primarily for the piss-funny laughter and shit-stirring between Spud, JB (James Brayshaw), Bristle, The Chief (Jason Dunstall), Wolf (Garry Lyon), Purple (Damien Barrett), Duke (Luke Darcy) and Ash ‘The Choo Man’ Chua.

So instead of talking about anything else, I’ll use this Tuesday Tithbits to bring you some of my favourite moments of Spud on The Rub, starting off with a personal favourite from 2011, when JB was sent an email exposing Spud buying makeup from the Fox Sports, sparking the great ‘Makeupgate’.

“What are you look for Spud, a bronzer?”

Gaz revealing Spud’s dental work in 2013, after he’d led the charge for mocking Tony Jones as ‘The Chompers’.


The most well known of the hilarious 360 Degree Feedback sessions from 2012, in which Spud ironed out everyone in the circle, as only Spud could.

Another classic moment was when Spud was introduced as the Vice Captain and Full Back of St Kilda’s Team of the Century for multiple years, only for Gaz to discover that not only was Spud NOT the Vice Captain, he wasn’t the Full Back… In fact, he wasn’t in the team.

For the record, the Full Back is Verdun Howell.

Next up, Purple surfaced the audio of Spud coaching Richmond in 2001, which ended up becoming a running gag throughout September 2012, and one of the many great moments saw Spud call for a fake stretcher to stop the momentum when the Tiges were getting hammered.


Spud tried getting an injunction, hilariously claiming it was “Damaging his brand”.

A few years later there was another Purple revelation, dropping the news that Spud spent an entire night at an Imaging Clinic launch being addressed as ‘Dr’ Daniel Frawley, and did nothing to correct it, until an actual Doctor asked him where he studied.

And my last one was when Spud gave an all-time chomp to Brian in 2016, after Bristle claimed Chompers Jones wasn’t at a North Melbourne press conference, vividly described in Brent Harvey’s book.

But Spud’s greatest contribution to The Rub was the Head Wobblers, given to the people in footy circles who have heads so big, their necks can’t support them.

The criteria- These people enjoy drinking their own bathwater, kissing themselves in the mirror, and/or blowing their own trumpet, which was symbolised by Spud tooting the Golden Trumpet.

JB copped it especially, Spud put himself in there, Purple copped it regularly, and as an example, here’s the 2016 announcement, when Spud gave the honour to Duke for making the Bulldogs Prelim Final win about him, and for his name dropping in Rio.

And there’s a crapload more I didn’t mention, like reading out Spud’s coaching application from 1999, in which he admits he “Embellished” a few things.

It’s still bloody funny to listen back to- Those days of The Rub are just golden.

Peter V’Landys taking over the ARL Commission

I can only assume he’ll be moving the NRL Grand Final to 2:30pm on the last Saturday in September, and claim it’s a move to create competition between Victoria and New South Wales.

It wasn’t Steve ‘Jack Leach’ Smith, it was Steve ‘Buck Rogers’ Smith

At least according to Getty’s Ryan Pierse, who took the photo.

Source: Instagram

Just claim you’re mocking Jack Leach, Smithy- Even the British public are doing it.

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