Tuesday Tithbits: 26th November

George Bailey- National Selector

Ah, the last one for November!

Monday marked 5 years since the Phil Hughes incident

Obviously Wednesday will be 5 years since he passed away, and as the Medical Journal of Australia later researched in the wake of the incident, Deaths from blows to the body in cricket are far from a new trend, but it was what happened to Hughes that was just so shocking for the entire country.

An Australian Test cricketer, of all people, dying after being hit in the head?

It had never happened before, and hopefully, with the lessons and improvements we’ve learned from that horrible day, it never happens again.

5 years on, Phil is still 63 not out, and he will be until the end of time itself.

Source: Cricket Australia

Lloyd Williams is shutting down and potentially selling off Macedon Lodge

After 14 years of success out there in the hidden mountain base, Lloyd said it was a decision that was sped up by the complete lack of results this year, and that now being 80 years old, he’s a certified old bastard who simply doesn’t have the time to train his horses using a made-up name like Liam Howley anymore.

Still though, he and Nick will still be around the Spring, doing their same old routine of importing second-rate Irish stayers at Cup time trying to win the thing he covets more than Gollum covets the ring.

Given ML’s location, I wonder if Crazy Craig has a couple of million bucks lying around, he’s been looking for a new barn to sleep in.

The AFL Draft starts tomorrow

But the question should be asked- If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it really happen?

George Bailey MIGHT be appointed as a National Selector

Apparently to replace the outgoing Greg Chappell.

Given he’s still playing Domestic cricket, I imagine Gorgeous George will be selecting himself, appointing himself as Test captain, and will be making young batsman play like this in order to obtain a baggy green.

Australians in the NFL Update: Week 12

Is it just me or is offensive football getting worse and worse?

Aussie Bowl Part III

Michael Dickson (Seahawks) defeated Cameron Johnston (Eagles)- 17 to 9 @ The Linc, Philadelphia

Don’t let that headline deceive you.

Despite being a high-profile matchup between two of the league’s resident bird teams, this game never soared to any great heights.

The wind that had played a key part in the Eagles-Patriots game last week was still hanging around, leading to both defenses having a field day.

The Seahawks forced 5 turnovers on the Eagles, as Carson Wentz looked absolutely awful, but Philly’s defense would hang tough and curtail Russell Wilson time and again, forcing Seattle to bring out Dickson time and again.

Michael’s first punt of the day was a 27-yard stinker into the wind, which gave the Eagles good field position and resulted in a field goal, but after that, the All-Pro was fantastic, pinning the Eagles inside their own 20 on his next five punts- Unfortunately the sixth (His last for the game) ended up bouncing out for a touchback.

Helping out on coverage for several of those punts was rookie Ugo Amadi, who downed punts at the 1-yard line and 2-yard line, and then rocketed down field to force a fair catch at the 15-yard line.

Poor field position killed the Eagles, and the Hawks defence did the rest.

By contrast, Johnston only had to punt 4 times, thanks in part to all those turnovers.

The Seahawks were able to score a touchdown thanks a trick play that led to Wilson throwing a 33 yard score to Malik Turner, and then finished off the Eagles with Rashad Penny’s bulldozing 58 yard touchdown, their longest run in 2 years!

The Eagles scored a junktime touchdown, ending a run of some 27 drivers without a touchdown, and that ended proceedings, as the Seahawks stayed unbeaten on the road.

Jordan Berry (Steelers) defeated Cincinatti Bengals 16-10

Another classic AFC Central/North battle, which absolutely nobody will remember, on account of the utterly awful QB play.

The winless Bungles started Ryan Lindley, and the Steelers had Mason Rudolph, fresh off having his brains rattled 10 days earlier by Miles Garrett.

After an utterly awful 1st half performance, which ended with the Steelers trailing Rudolph was benched, still proving he throws a football as well as he throws a punch.

Devlin Hodges was brought in early in the 2nd Half, and the Steelers retook the lead after Hodges hit an open James Washington, who stiff-armed the life out of BW Webb, and ran it in for a 79 yard touchdown, the highlight play of the day.

The Bengals tied the scores with a field goal, but the Steelers forced a pair of 4th Quarter fumbles, leading to a pair of FGs to Boswell which decided the contest, as the Steelers went back beyond .500.

Berry punted 7 times for an average of 45.3 yards, with 3 kicks landing inside the Bengals 20, and oddly enough, none of the subsequent drives resulted in Bengals points.

Adam Gotsis (Broncos) lost 20-3 to the Buffalo Bills @ Ralph Wilson Stadium

The good news- Adam actually racked up 4 tackles (Not counting being credited for an assist), in his best performance of the season!

The bad news- The Broncos have one of the worst offenses in the league.

Lachie Edwards (Jets) defeated Oakland Raiders 34-3 @ Metlife Stadium

The Raiders came in to New Jersey with their chests puffed out, they were on a winning streak, they were in the AFC playoff picture….

They scored a field goal on the opening drive, and then got absolutely shat on by Gang Green.

All round, it was the best Jets performance of the season, even better than when they knocked off the Cowboys.

They led 13-3 at the half, and then dry licked Oakland with 3 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter, including 2 in 15 seconds, starting with Robbie Anderson finishing off a short drive, and then when the Raiders got the ball, Brian Poole picked off Derek Carr and took it in for a 15-yard Pick 6.

It was so dominant that Edwards didn’t have to punt until the 4th Quarter- He ended up punting 4 times, as both teams were happy to watch the clock trickle down.

34-3, and that’s the way it stayed, the Jets have now won 3 games in a row, and oddly enough, in each of those games, they’ve scored 34 points!

Mitch Wishnowsky (49ers) defeated Packers 37-8 @ Levi’s Stadium

Despite having the equal-best record in professional football, the Niners came in facing the toughest 3 game stretch this late in a season in the Super Bowl Era.

First, it was the 8-2 Packers, next Sunday, they play the 8-2 Balitmore Ravens (In Baltimore), and then they play the 8-2 New Orleans Saints.

An average winning percentage of .800… And throw in the fact they still have to travel to Seattle.

But, as A-A-Ron and his band of cheeseheads found out, Sunday Night wasn’t a case of the Niners playing the Packers.

It was the Packers playing the Niners.

An absolute defensive rout from the opening drive, which resulted in Rogers getting strip-sacked and the Niners scoring an easy touchdown a play later, and it was so dominant that Rodgers was sacked 5 times, and held to a historically low 3.2 yards per attempt on 33 passes- He completed 20 for a mere 100 yards, and got benched in the 4th Quarter.

It was the lowest total of passing yards for an NFL quarterback with 20-plus attempts since 1950.

On offense, Jimmy GOATroppolo benefited greatly from the return of George Kittle, who was playing with a broken bone in his ankle, but still managed to torch the Packers secondary with 129 yards on 6 catches, including a 61 yard touchdown to respond to the Packers’ only score of the game.

I think a good summary of the Niners on special teams was when Mitch punted twice from inside his own 15 yard line, and both times, the Packers decided to return the ball from their own 35….but the Niners coverage was so good, the return man ended up being tackled for a loss.

Still, I can still see why the critics are still questioning the credentials of the Niners, calling them pretenders and whatnot.

After all, based on this performance, they still haven’t beaten a good team.

College Football Update

Max Duffy and Dane Roy are finalists for the Ray Guy Award!

2/3 Aussies, you just know Hofrichter will win it

Since I haven’t spoken much about Dane, you want to know which fabled part of the world he’s from?


Yep, that fabled part of Gippsland.

Fancy that, both the Aussies nominated for a sporting award in the US and A come from small country towns- Bunyip, and in Max’s case, Perth.

Bravo boys, I’m sure my good acquaintance Duff would be pumped.

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