BBL 09 Review: Round 2

The Stars generate the 1.21 jiggawatts of power needed to win via DLS
(All footage: Fox Cricket/Channel 7/Cricket Australia)

It’s quite fitting that the Melbourne Renegades play at Docklands, because their season currently resembles the playing surface of that hellhole.

Completely unstable and ready to collapse from underneath.

Numero Uno – The Sydney Smash Super Over

You will actually have to go to YouTube

I have a habit of noting coincidences, and this game continued another coincidence – There have now been 4 Super Overs in Big Bash history… All of them have involved the Sixers.

That was a wild ending – The Thunder on top for pretty much the whole night, despite scoring a mere 149…. and then Tom Curran comes in, needing 27 off 18, and then 16 off the last over, and ties the scores.

Of course, Tommy was promptly gone first ball of the Super Over, but out of nowhere, ‘Spotify’ Henriques strolled up, successfully ramped Chris Morris for 4, and then after another 2, executed the exact same shot, which ended up coming right off the meat vegetable of the bat, and the Laws of Big Bash Physics turned it into an utterly insane reverse ramp that landed inches over the rope for a huge 6.

So when you look at the final score, that shot ended up winning the Sixers the match.


Of course, thanks to Usman Khawaja and Alex Hales pissing away 4 balls off Curran (Why on earth Ussie faced the first ball who knows), the big hitting Hales was left with 2 (legal) balls to conjure up a pair of sixes.

He hit the first straight back down the ground, but Curran made sure his one man performance wasn’t in vain, bowling a full toss that Hales couldn’t latch on to, although it was still hit very nicely past 3rd Man for a boundary, leaving the Thunder officially 1 run short.

Not for the first time in 2019, an Englishman was on a team that finished on 0/15 in a Super Over.

You probably know what the other time was.

The New Years’ Epic

Channel 7 like giving us stupid facts about the players, like how Cameron Bancroft plays the kazoo for Tame Impala, and last night they recycled an old piece of trivia that Alex Hales’ grandfather Dennis once took Rod Laver to 5 sets at Wimbledon – It was The Rocket at Wimbledon, so of course, Dennis lost.

Taking on The Rocket at Wimbledon sounds mythical, until you realise the context – It was 1956, it was a qualifying match, and The Rocket was 17 years old trying to appear in the main draw on his tournament debut.

His grandson would have as much success facing Billy Stanlake.

Despite that, the Thunder were moving along, until Peter Siddle’s superb piece of BBL FIELDING – A backhanded flick of the stumps – removed Usman Khawaja for 63.

Even Jonty Rhodes couldn’t pull that off… Mainly because he’d dive at the stumps and knock all three out.

After Ussie departed, Callum Ferguson took over with 73 off 46, highlighted by his multiple successes against Rashid Khan (Who did have the last laugh), pushing the total to a solid 168.

After all hope looked lost for the Strikers at 6/116 in the 16th over, Rashid strolled to the crease, and proceeded to inflict more damage with the bat than he did with the ball, smashing a dazzling 40 off 17 balls to lower the chase to 5 off 2 balls, in a New Years Eve Performance not seen since Travis Head used Sean Abbott as a human sacrifice to appease the god Imhotep back in 2015.

But trying to get back on strike for the last ball, Rashid inexplicably departed with a severe case of BBL RUNNING, dropping his bat after completing the first run (Obviously it got stuck in the ground), and going back for the suicide second – You can guess how it ended.

That left Wes Agar to face the last ball, needing a boundary to win.

It was Wes Agar batting, so of course he didn’t get it.

Wes Agar doesn’t exist to bat, he exists to take random 5 wicket hauls against Queensland.

The Thunder actually got the job done in a close game, and not only do the Strikers finally taste defeat for the first time in BBL 09, they lose in the New Years’ Eve game for the first time.

Classic Big Bash Dismissals, aka “S*** Gets Wickets”

This week’s contender – Glenn Maxwell managing to reverse flick Peter Siddle’s delivery precisely onto the right bail, ending a superb knock.

You can get wickets like that when you hoard Australia’s banana supply.

The Classic Schnoz Before Wicket

An all-time classic piece of BBL UMPIRING from Umpire Greg Robinson, who had originally condemned Beau Webster out LBW (The ball was tracking on to the stumps), only to change midstream and declare it SBW – Schnoz Before Wicket.

Aside from a simple case of itchy nose, the official reason for the midstream change was that he felt Webster had hit the ball.

Now I did see a few people whinging about the lack of professionalism from the umpire for wiping his nose during a match.


Backyard cricket has more professionalism than the Big Bash.

The Launceston Light Show

What a freaky event – One week it’s bushfire smoke wrecking games, the next it’s wild thunder and rain… in Lonny of all places.

Turns out the Hurricanes weren’t playing the Stars… they were playing the Thunder.

Dale Steyn’s Opening Over In The Big Bash

To think they dropped 5 wicket hero Haris Rauf for this nobody.

1st ball, dot ball.

2nd ball, Jake Weatherald carts him down the ground for 6.

3rd ball, he does it again, only this time giving a guy in the 2nd Tier an attempt at a bucket catch, which went as well as the Gold Coast’s multiple attempts at hosting AFL teams.

4th ball, he brings up a hat-trick of shots sent back over Steyn’s head, although this one rolled over the rope.

5th ball, Weatherald beat the offside infield to race away to the rope and make it 4 consecutive boundaries.

And then last ball, Weatherald tried abusing Dale again, but Mr Angry Eyes had the last laugh, with Maxwell bringing him down for 21 off 6.

I suppose Jake’s new nickname is Easy-Off Bam.

Because he’s good at dealing with Steyns.

Fireman Maxi

Daniel Hughes getting unintentionally smack talked by a kid

DH: What’s your name?

Kid: Thomas.

DH: Thomas, nice to meet you buddy, are you going for the Sixers tonight?

Tom: *Apparently yes*

DH: I love that, that’s what I love to hear, have a good night –

Tom: What’s your name?


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