West Coast’s New Club Song

This has no relevance to this topic, I just like it

It’s a race to the bottom with Freo in the “Worst club song in the AFL” race, and just like they’ve done since the dawn of time, the Eagles have one-upped them.

Now I could be slightly off the mark here, but what the Eagles have done is quite literally the definition of polishing a turd.

It wouldn’t matter if they got bloody Eskimo Joe (Or in this case) Birds of Tokyo and a didgeridoo backing beat to perform their own commercial version of the club song, the hilariously crap lyrics will forever mean that whenever you compare it to something like Tigerland, it’s the equivalent of a 100m race between Carl Lewis and Lieutenant Dan.

We’re the Eagles, the West Coast Eagles, and we’re here, to show you why, we’re the big birds, Kings of the Big Game, we’re the Eagles, we’re flying high.

Those lyrics don’t want to make you run through a brick wall, they make you want to smash your noggin against it trying to forget it.

If you ask me, there’s only one or two thing the Eagles can do that a majority of Sandgropers will agree with.

After a win, sing the new song with a didgeridoo player in the middle of the circle.



Could you imagine the crowd belting out “AND WE’LL GIVE YOU… MERRY HELL!”

If you ask old mate JT, it’s absolutely brilliant – It gets the crowd pumped up with that cheesy 1980s rock beat, and most importantly, it’s focused on THE greatest Western Australian tradition.

Sniping at Victorians with a chip on their collective shoulders.

At the end of the day, anything without a mention of Wise men from the East gets a no from me, dog.

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