‘It Happens’: 26th February

The favourite’s in front with 20m to go – What could go wrong?

In this week’s edition of ‘It Happens’, we go to the wonderful, often dodgy, world of the dishlickers.

They have been getting a bit of bum steer of late, and I’ve got no idea why.

Last night in Race 3 at Lismore, Raw Diamond (The red rug) jumped as the clear $1.70 favourite, and she was racing every bit like it out in front as they rounded the turn.

Despite racing wide, it looked like Felici Beach (White) and Stop An’ Paws (Purple) couldn’t stop the Diamond …..

Aaaaaaaaaand then with 10 metres to go, she got spooked by the light emitting off the winning post, shied out, and ran 3rd.

Like my dog losing sight of the ball at the park

The topper of it all was that there was no third dividend – So every degenerate in the land did their dough.

Ah, gambling.

As for the dog, she’s completely fine, and I’m expecting the authorities investigated her for having a couple of gorillas on the 3/8 quinella.

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