What a day for Women’s Sport in Australia

The fun just keeps rolling on – The Barty Party still has a couple of months before the reign at No.1 looks under threat, our women’s cricketers have been tearing a hole in the universe for years on end, and now they’ve added the jewel in the crown on International Women’s Day.

A lazy 86,174 in attendance, a record crowd for an Australian women’s sporting event, and most would agree with it being a historical achievement on a par with the Apollo missions.

By comparison, the old record of 53,000 from last season’s AFLW Grand Final now looks like a trip to Adelaide.

And to think, on Thursday, Cricket Australia were 9 minutes away from a rain delay wiping that Final crowd down to barely 20,000… Almost all of them Indian fans.

Deadset, when people look at how Australia’s female sportspeople are going right now, they’ll think we’re populated by that tribe of Amazons that Wonder Woman came from.

Yes I will, Fox.

Yes. I. Will.

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