Horse Racing

‘It Happens’: 11th March

One of these 5 individual creatures in the race ran last.

In the last of my brief ‘It Happens’ series, where I look at scarcely believable events that have occurred in the realm of sport, it’s time go to Canberra, home of fireworks, porn and lethargic politicians, for this week’s moment entitled:

“Drongo gets run out of the First 4.”

Black Opal Stakes Day gripped the capital on Sunday, and the last race on the card saw a riveting battle in the straight between between the Keith Dryden pair Shores Of Avalon, and the favourite Eltham Palace.

You couldn’t take your eyes away from it…. Until some dickhead popped up on the track at the 75m mark after spotting the field a 900m headstart!

Despite the handicap, old mate was still run down for last, ruining quite a few First 4 tickets people had on him.

Racing NSW/Sky Racing

The funniest part of watching it was Mitch Manners, like a good caller can, managed to change his focus midstream and still call the field home.

“150 to go, Shores of Avalon a neck clear, Eltham Palace coming out after it, and, uh – THERE’S AN IDIOT THAT’S COME OUT ON TO THE TRACK! – It’s Shores Of Avalon in front, Shores Of Avalon beats Eltham Palace!”

(After calling the finishers) “What a lunatic, fair dinkum!”

That bloke hasn’t been seen since.

Funnily enough, it’s not even the first time this year someone’s run on the track in Australia.

There was also old mate at Cranbourne back in January, who myself and my colleague Dave suspected was our colleague Crazy Craig of Bairnsdale.

And that’s all for another edition of ‘It Happens’, and remember, as Forrest Gump says…

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