Tuesday Tithbits: 7th April

A first person look at an all-time ATCC crash

Apparently it’s Easter this weekend

Before humanity made things worse by ignoring the advice of experts, I was due to be spending the weekend in Sydney with my sister visiting our mum’s relatives, and possibly watching Danon Premium cream everyone in the Queen Elizabeth.

But, now I’m stuck doing what I do every Easter – Coexisting in the same home with my family.

I suppose we’ll have to wait until 2028, by which time Virgin will be long insolvent, the travel bans will finally come to an end, and Western Australia will have to reopen the borders and be reintegrated back into the rest of the Commonwealth against our will.

The idea of stripping NRL teams of their points from Rounds 1 and 2

And I thought NRL Island was a batshit crazy suggestion.

I thought you had to cheat the salary cap or put 14 players on the field in a win to lose competition points – Someone at League HQ thought about doing it anyway, in the attempt to create the 8-team bubbles.

Imagine that – The NRL willingly putting their players and staff at risk for 2 weeks, and then contemplated undoing the hard work of unbeaten powerhouses like Parramatta and Newcastle anyway.

Fortunately it was an ill-conceived idea, and based on today, nothing more than an ill-conceived idea.

Still, it would’ve given the Titans a massive improvement on their Points Differential.

The AFL’s latest brain damaged 6-6-6 idea

Apparently one of dozens of proposals, was the 3x 6 teams in Tasmania, South Australia, and in the Republic Of Western Australia – As of last Sunday, players and officials will be required to bring their passports.

Bloody hell, the league are as desperate as a hobbit chasing a ring to get this season done – Curve flattening be damned.

If this logistically flawed idea goes ahead, make sure Melbourne are one of the 6 teams dispatched to Tasmania, so that I can once again make the joke of calling them the Van Diemens.

The Mark Viduka Interview

Deadset, if this had gone on for an hour, I’d have listened to every second.

In the video, the viewer learns a number of things from our former national captain, all the way from Big Dukes’ academy in Zagreb:

  1. Big Dukes is still alive
  2. Like most people, he hates the way the FFA are running the game, and how they don’t want to get past Australian players involved
  3. The birth A-League coincided with the failures of the junior development system in Australia, which still weren’t addressed.
  4. His time at Leeds United with compatriots like Harry Kewell and Jacob Burns, and the high of the Champions League Semis in 2001, to the financial collapse in 2 years.
  5. His disdain towards former Leeds manager Peter Reid because of Reid’s dishonesty while Viduka was saving his job.
  6. He had the same agent as Sir Elton John in England, which led to him meeting Sir Elton backstage (alongside Jacob Burns) at a concert in Manchester.
  7. Manchester United were interested in signing Dukes, and he had the chance to move to AC Milan in 2001, for which Leeds wanted £38m (A then world-record), which Milan (Owned by Silvio Berlusconi) were going to pay – Leeds chickened out, and the United interest died out.
  8. He’s the latest player to allude to Lucas Neill being a white anting flog, this time during Dukes’ captaincy

The interview ends with a touching moment, which does reveal a bit of Dukes’ character.

Q: “If there was a time you could be transported back to in your career, when would it be?”

A: “Kicking the ball around the backyard with my old man.”

This is also as good a reason any to bring up Dukes’ finest moment in England – Putting 4 past Liverpool for Leeds United in 2000, turning a 0-2 deficit to a 4-3 win.

Judge Dukes has spoken.

A shocking discovery during a random YouTube surf

So I was bored on Monday evening (It usually doesn’t take COVID-19 for that to happen), and decided to randomly click on an hour long compilation of TV coverage of the aftermath of 1997 ARL Grand Final, because it’s one of the all-time great deciders.

Approximately 14 minutes into the video, the Channel 10 report on the day starts, and in amongst all the yobbos appearing in vox pops, I was shocked by the appearance of a well-known public figure….

By jove, it appears to be none other than….

Premier Gladys Berejiklian going crazy for the Silvertails.

Just think – Only 2 hours after that shot, Darren Albert permanently destroyed whatever happiness lived inside that cheerful young lady.

Sure, we’re suffering for it 23 years later, but it was against Manly, so it was worth it.

Another look at the Symmons Plains Smash-Up of 2017

We’ve known for years that due to the tight track, Symmons Plains is a great spot for a huge crash, and the pile-up of April 2017 is right up there for the biggest smash-up in ATCC history, but this past weekend (Which would’ve been Round 3 at Symmons Plains), Supercars released the unseen video of the recovery crews dealing with the aftermath – 12 cars, 4 of them damaged beyond repair, 2 drivers injured, and a total of $5,000,000 damage.

In my view, the First Person footage really gives you an idea of the sheer scale of the damage.

The other wild story is how the race finished.

Chaz Mostert led for a lap before he went off the road at Turn 1 starting Lap 2, handing the lead to Scott McLaughlin (Who lost it to Shane Van Gisbergen) before the pile-up took place seconds later.

Then, after the red flag was waved, McLaughlin had a complete brain fart, pulling into the pits when he didn’t need to, while the entire field stopped in race order on the start-finish straight after the red flag – Scotty was classified 14th.

The race was delayed for 50 minutes because of the red flag, and was eventually declared by CAMS after just 1 completed lap (Of 50).

Bizzarely, the governing body declared the race would count in the ATCC history books – Shane Van Gisbergen won the race, Jamie Whincup was 2nd, and Craig Lowndes 3rd in a Triple 8 clean sweep.

However, as the race was nowhere close to 75% race distance, no championship points were awarded.

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