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State Of Origin: State Icons Edition.

The rules – Forming an Australian Rules team full of – And I use the term very loosely – Icons of each Australian state (Dead or alive), with the only condition being that they can’t have played in the AFL/VFL, or any other state league – With a few exceptions.

Imagine this concept:

A Queensland team led by SIR JOH, full of some of the greatest characters this country has ever seen, and Wally Lewis.

Up against a WA team led by LANG HANCOCK, which will be another WA team that Mitch Marsh sneaks in to.

Or a Tasmanian team led by Boonie, propelling a legendary off-field team culture, despite the protests of Tim Paine, Ricky Ponting and Errol Flynn.

Or a New South Wales team led by Kerry Packer, after he pays several hundred million dollars to get the TV rights, and then tells everyone to “Get that shit off the air!” after the Blues go 10 goals down..

Or Victoria, a state renowned for its Dames and its criminals, so you’d expect the Big V to be led by a notorious criminal… such as Chopper Read, who may or may not cause a few opposition players to ‘disappear’.

And then there’s South Australia… Led by one of the Chappell brothers – Probably Trevor.


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