Australian Sporting Joke of the Day: 7th June

This one goes out to a young fella up there in Brisvegas, whose career is currently at the crossroads without his great mentor/father figure.

And I am fully aware that a good portion of my small readership don’t follow the NRL:

Adapted from this joke many moons ago:

Darius Boyd visits a bar, and before long, chats up a good looking lady.

She invites him back to her house, and tells Darius to get comfortable in bed while she gets changed in the bathroom.

The lady eventually comes back, and finds Darius laying in the bed with an old man.

She exclaims:

“What the hell is going on?!

To which Darius sheepishly replies:

“I’m sorry! I can’t perform without Wayne Bennett.”

Please don’t retire, Darius.

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