A great moment for Australasian sport

Praise be to Gianni

Seriously, I could listen to this on a bloody loop:

Audio: FIFA

Another major women’s tournament in this part of the world.

A great result for not only women’s sport in Australia, but a great result for Jacinda and the Kiwis, who have provided us with the greatest Trans-Tasman partnership since Crowded House.

If you want to actually see how the voting went, here’s the results:

You’ll notice all the European and South American votes went to Colombia, and Australia/New Zealand won the support of Africa, plus FIFA President Gianni Infantino, to go with North America, Oceania, & Asia.

Bloody classic – The old boys club has failed, mainly for viewing a Women’s World Cup as a developmental tournament.

Sucked right in.

Somewhere in the sky, I hope Johnny Warren and Les Murray are smiling.

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