Tuesday Tithbits: 30th June

It’s the end of June, the end of the most hectic June for sport I can remember, and the big finding that I’ve discovered is that we now have proof that Harry Grant could win the Brownlow Medal and the Dally M in the same year:

The Rocket turns 60 tomorrow

What an innings from the great Don of No Hope Avenue, Western Australia – He’s hit the retirement age, and he’s not working a day past it….

Until he makes another John Farnham-esque comeback for another company inevitably in need of an account at tax time.

As I already mentioned, it’s been one thrilling ride through 6 decades, having ONLY seen 13 Hawthorn premierships in his lifetime, a disappointing strike of a win every 4.6 years, a thrilling ride working in the maintenance crew of Alan Bond’s attempt to defend the America’s Cup in 1987, when Australia III and IV got beaten by the bloody 12-metre Kookaburras, witnessing the first train leave Sydney Olympic Park station in late 1997, and leading Team Hope to a pair of Manning Jack Attack championships back to back in 2018 and 2019.

And to think, he was almost made to endure 25 years of torture and failure today, because of nanna knitting him this:

“Hm, I’d prefer a brown paper bag than a jumper for a bribe.”

It was either having to endure Jeff Kennett or John Elliott, and he chose Jeff.

I will state here and now that none of the things he’s achieved up to now, even convincing his own son to start this website, will compare to when he produced these at Jack Attack, despite having limited feeling in his fingertips from years of cuts from manual labour.

One of the finest Mollydookers to grace Manning Memorial… And it appears I’ll be spending his big day with him ALL DAY.

Steele Sidebottom and Lynden Dunn and the Magic COVID Ride

So the whole story appears to be, that they went to go and visit Jeremy Howe on Saturday, given Jezza was probably in a tough place after his season had been ended on Friday night, then they shared an Uber, and Sidey visited a staff member outside of the COVID restrictions.


If you ask me, they aren’t that big of a loss.

Dunn hasn’t been able to play for 2 years because ACL tears…

And Steele has been stuck in Matt de Boer’s back pocket since Friday night.

Lachie Hunter takes out the Drink Driving Grand Slam from Victorian Police

He did of course claim it back in April, but now, it’s official.

Failure to lend assistance… it’s un-Australian.

Returning sports this weekend

Super Rugby Australia is back and firing, with the Western Force back next week after they get the bye first up, and we already know the Australian edition of Super Rugby will struggle to hold a candle to it’s counter part over in Aotearoa with the standard the New Zealand teams have played at straight out of the break.

But the big one globally….


The season opener was usually in Melbourne, now it’s held in a slightly different place starting with Aus and ending in ia.


In fact, the first two races will be held at the Red Bull Ring back-to-back – This week is the Austrian Grand Prix, and next week it’s the Styrian Grand Prix, which will mark the first time in F1 history that a circuit has hosted back-to-back races, and the first since 1995 that a country has hosted back to back races in the same season.

Back then it was Japan hosting the Pacific Grand Prix at Aida, when Michael Schumacher wrapped up his second world title, and the next race was the actual Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, when Schumacher won again, and Benetton secured their only Constructors title in history, after Williams pair Damon Hill and David Coulthard both spun out.

If you want to get technical, Australia did actually host two consecutive races as well – Adelaide had the final race of 1995, then the first Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park began the 1996 season.

South Australia delaying reopening the Victorian border

Terrible news for the people of Horsham, who have been preparing to flee across into the free state of South Austraia, where they’re actually allowed to attend a football game.

Conversely, this is the perfect opportunity for South Australia and Western Australia to form a Super Kick-A-Vic Buffer zone until the situation in Melbourne’s suburbs is brought under control.

Conversely, this next issue also now has to be a reality.

Send all Victorian AFL teams into hubs to save the season

You know it makes sense, I’m Sam Kekovich.

John Bateman is leaving the Raiders

On that note, surely it’s time to rename Batemans Bay in light of this piece of treachery from the Second Rower Of The Year.

Isaac Moses is doing a damn good job taking down as many teams as he can, in case that appeal against his disqualification fails.

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