Tuesday Tithbits: 4th August

We start off with yet another on this day, and what do you know, 15 years ago….


The worst warm-up game of rugby ever played.

If you want to figure out exactly when Australia were up Shit Creek in the 2005 Ashes, it was right there and then, because Ricky Ponting had already decided if Australia won the toss they would bowl – They did, and without the best pace bowler in the universe, England scored 400 runs on the opening day.


Michael Kasprowicz came in as a late replacement for Pigeon, and everyone old enough to remember will remember what happened to poor old Kasper four days later…

A harrowing moment seared into my 8-year-old brain.

Another classic Gary Harley moment

Today at Scone, Big Gaz was so confident that the $1.20 favourite Virtuous Miss would win Race 2, that he made a certain declaration….

From Sky Racing

If you can’t get the audio, it was the classic statement from Gaz that he’d walk home (To Maitland, at least 90 minutes by car from Scone) if it got beaten, a statement which Gavin Carmody jokingly held him to.


Declaring a ridiculously short horse in it’s 2nd start.

Ah Gaz, what a character.

“Hey Gaz, the $1.50 favourite got rolled.”

Buzz Rothfield is “80% sure” that Cameron Smith will retire at the end of 2020

I’m now completely convinced he’ll play on until the age of 137, playing in a mere 3,000 games, putting the point-scoring record from Jarrod Croker’s reach in 2027.

Kotoni Staggs caught up in a revenge porn scandal

Time to make some thoroughly inappropriate jokes about a serious criminal offence committed by that lady.

Apparently he was shown sucking toes.

If that was the case, we may as well call him Ko-toe-ni.

In a time where COVID is taking over the world, Kotoni is dealing with a case of Toe Vid, and in fairness to him, he’s not the only Broncos player who’s sucked this year.

A random coincidence from tonight’s Richmond vs Brisbane game

A few years ago, Brisbane recruited Jackson Paine from Collingwood, playing 10 games in 3 seasons, getting delisted and redrafted in 2015, before being delisted again in 2016.

Tonight, a player named Jack Payne, who was drafted in 2017, debuts for the Lions.

I think we can expect one certainty tonight.

Oscar Piastri’s Formula 3 Charge

Here’s what Oscar Piastri tweeted on Friday afternoon, after he’d encountered problems with his Drag Reduction System in Qualifying for Race 1 of the Formula 3 round at Silverstone, supporting the British Grand Prix:

The young Victorian qualified 3rd and finished 2nd to Kiwi Liam Lawson in Race 1, which was abruptly ended by a Safety Car, then in Race 2, Oscar’s relationship with the DRS was abruptly ruined again, as his rear wing failed, forcing the Championship Leader into his first retirement of 2020.

Yes Oscar, rather hilariously, you did jinx the shit out of yourself.

Piastri’s championship lead is back to 17 points ahead of the second Silverstone round this weekend, and I should also mention Taswegian Alex Peroni got a podium in that 2nd Race, his first since the opening race at Austria.

On another note, here’s what the inside of an F3 car looks like – You can actually see the gearbox assembly on the front.

I like how the rear assembly is just dangling there.

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