Several moments from Round 13 of the AFL

A Welcome To Country that sets a new standard for Welcome To Country Ceremonies

Larrakia man Richard Fejo, you are fantastic, and you made this once in a lifetime occasion of a Dreamtime In Darwin a memorable one.

From Channel 7 AFL

Being a Sandgroper, I liked how he gave a shoutout to the Noongars in attendance, and appropriately, it was a Noongar man in Shai Bolton who took home the Yiooken Award for best afield, in a guernsey that he and his family designed.

Jy Simpkin sums up 2020

By playing on from a set shot, thinking he could successfully run around the apparently big dumb lanky un-athletic American that is Mason Cox, only to slip, and hilariously, get caught holding the ball.

It goes to show the dangers of trying to take Big Cox when you think you’re safe.

Hey Richmond, did you bring any Aeroguard to Darwin?

Because you got BITTEN BY A MOSQUITO.

From 7AFL

Irving Mosquito – I told you I was looking forward to him debuting.

From the maker of Tom Papley Shooting Stars

Another addition of Dylan Grimes Shooting Stars!

Another pearler from Ethan Meldrum

Shooting Stars videos for divers – It’s far more civilised than a death threat.

You could have given a Shooting Stars video for Nick Vlaustin, since he also got fined for staging, but to me, considering he DID get hit by Tommy Bellchambers after taking that mark, before going down like Lee Harvey Oswald had shot him from the School Book Depository, EMBELLISHMENT is the word that should be used.

High contact after the mark – Slam dunk 50m.

Charlie Dixon is a physical specimen

From afar, you’d think he’d tattooed his own head onto both his pecs.

Tim Membrey, Brisbane’s best defender

“I hope they don’t lose by a goal” – Bruce McAvaney.

Fittingly, the Saints lost by 2 points, despite kicking one more goal than the Lions, but it is worth remembering that it technically didn’t cost St Kilda anything, considering they kicked the first goal 90 seconds later.

But stuff that, because bloody hell Skunk, as Spud Frawley loved highlighting every Sunday, that is a genuine old-fashioned coach killer.

A Crows player wearing Number 23 pulls off a piece of wizardry in the Indigenous Round

I hope Bunji McLeod saw Shane McAdam split 3 Cats defenders and kick a goal:

Anything you can shank, I can shank better

So in the Dogs-Dees game, Laitham Vandermeer shanks his kick forward to Michael Hibberd.

The Pig then shanks his kick straight to Marcus Bontempelli.

The Bont shanks it to Aaron Naughton, who ruins everything by actually finding Toby Maclean with a handball, and Toby kicks the goal.

Summing up Jeremy McGovern’s performance against GWS

Sitting on Harry Himmelberg’s head to take a hanger, which was also one of his 8 intercept marks – The most of any player in 2020.

I reckon it’s also appropriate that the design of the Eagles’ Indigenous guernsey is called ‘Wings of an Eagle’, because Eagles players have a tendency to fly when they wear it:

Liam Ryan took Mark of the Year on Max Gawn wearing the Wings of an Eagle in Round 9 last year.

This year, they wore it in Round 5 against the Swans, and Tom Barrass took Mark of the Round.

They wore it again for Sir Doug Nicholls Round 2020, and McGovern soars on Harry Himmelberg.

Changkuoth ‘CJ’ Jiath getting an all-time hospital handpass from his own skipper, before wearing 3 bumps

All without getting tackled holding the ball.

And proving why Hawks fans love him, he eventually got straight back up and went back into the Defensive 50 and played out the game, despite getting churned through a washing machine.

To paraphrase the Theme From Shaft, who’s the cat that won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about?


Right on..

Carlton have achieved perfect balance in the universe

After 12 games, they have 6 wins, 6 losses, 756 points for, and 756 points against.

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