Random moments from Round 14 of the AFL

Based on that, Josh Kennedy wasn’t the only Eagle who was showing concussion symptons.


Originally tweeted by 7AFL on August 28, 2020.

Back in the day, someone like Rex Hunt would’ve fired back with some kind of profanity-filled tirade, and we would’ve had a laugh, and 3AW wouldn’t pull Rex off the air.

We still don’t know if Dusty will marry this guy’s sister

From 7AFL

Obviously a marriage proposal is something that Dusty needs before he demonstrates the textbook use of the banana:

Also from 7AFL

I’d contend that the only thing that had a bigger bend at a right angle than that kick was Michael Barlow’s leg after Rhys Palmer clattered into him in Round 14 of 2010.

This guy invaded my dreams on Thursday night

That 36 point comeback from the Bombers did lead to Hebratron’s latest We Are Essington classic:

The Christian Petracca Collection

If you ask me, two out of his 4 goals were moving pictures good enough to get into MONA.

The opening goal of the night from 55m out off a couple of steps:

And the winning goal deep into the last term, beating 2 Saints defenders in close quarters, getting a Warnie-esque leg break on his kick at goal, and getting on the right side of the AFL not bothering to send any goal line cameras to Alice Springs:

Quite ironic that a leg break would happen against the team that Warnie so faithfully supports.

The standout performance of The Trac led to this comment from /r/afl:

“If you want to measure an angle, use a protractor. If you want to win a game, use a Petracca.” – /u/TenaciousBean73

A Balta from the blue

Lovely kick from a quality young player.

Zak Butters streaming into goal on Saturday, certain to have a shot on goal

Only to hit what could be best described as an imaginary pothole, his left leg got caught underneath his body, and it hyper-extended for good measure.

The footballing version of Devon Loch in the Grand National.

Jake Riccardi, the worst player on the ground in the Fremantle vs GWS game:

Bearing in mind, JAKE KICKED 4 GOALS:

Obviously the folks who record the Official Player Ratings on the AFL website were pissed off that he’s not related to Peter Riccardi, although oddly enough, whenever I go to type Riccardi, it always autocorrects me into typing Ricciardo.

It’s muscle memory from those F1 reports.

Charlie Dixon takes the piss out of the Swans defence

The sight of a big Dixon swinging from side to side.

Thursday night between Richmond and West Coast was a high quality game

Who can forget Luke Shuey contracting a severe case of Bubbleitis and forgetting how to kick:

And Jack Riewoldt getting such a severe case of FIGJAM at the end of the game, that he attempted a left-footed snap from 15m out with barely any angle.

Richmond had been kicking at 100% at goal, given all 3 behinds were rushed.

Riewoldt missed.


Clive Palmer’s spies are in Alice Springs

Carlton fans after Carlton let them down again

A comment from an umpire in the 3rd Quarter of the Carlton-Collingwood game:

“Holding, Cox.”


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