Some random moments from Round 16 of the AFL

“By the length of a bee’s dick”

I haven’t seen a photo finish like that since the Dunaden-Red Cadeux Melbourne Cup:

I suppose Scuderia Ferrari and the AFL’s Ferrari have one thing in common

Their 2020 seasons resemble this:

Even the Victorians can’t believe he’s gone

Coincidentally, Clubber Lang was asked who would replace Harris Andrews in the Lions team for their successful Pineapple grapple against the Gold Coast:


Jack Payne.

So the Crows have won back to back games in September, and they play Richmond in their last game of the year

When you think about it, they’re right back at the root cause of all their problems.

I believe that’s Mr Gilmore’s

That tackle from Braydon Preuss reminds me of that old video from Almost Football Legends (I believe it was 2002-03) where the runner up in Darwin manages to absolutely iron out a streaker with a horse collar tackle…. before dragging him away like a misbehaving sheep.

Bobby Hill – That boy ain’t right, I tell you ‘hwat’

In an age where players can’t even kick straight from 20 metres out dead in front, Bobby can let rip a drop punt from Row A with his eyes closed and get himself a Goal Of The Week nomination.

And, he can get nominated for Mark Of The year in the same game, and give Reilly O’Brien a blood nose in the process.

As Hank Hill would say:

How to encapsulate Geelong systemically destroying Essendon in about 10 seconds

Nope, it’s not Tippa being too unselfish for his own and missing Irving Mosquito with that wide open handball, it’s:

Mark Blicavs casually ripping the ball from the ruck, and kicking a goal from 60m out on his non-preferred foot,

David Teague replicating Spud Frawley on what would’ve been Spud’s 57th birthday

Now that’s a bit spooky.

Witness Adam Cerra pull a banana out of his own arse

Of course, in South Australia, Adam Cerra would have pulled a ‘checkside’ out of his arse.


Cameron Rayner doesn’t let anyone down from the easy set shot

Instead, he lets everyone down by playing on and shanking the snap.

Even Lord Fagan was cursing you, Cam.

Lewis Melican with the Golden Fist Mark

That was for you, Spud.

Mitch Robinson kicked the winning goal for Carlton under the alias of Matthew Cottrell

Great to see Robbo forgive the Bluebaggers for delisting him.

Falcon of the Round

St Kilda vs Hawthorn – The cameraperson behind the goals gets a beauty from Tim O’Brien after Timmy kicks a goal.

Timmy, you ‘Almost’ missed him.

I just want to bang on the drum all day

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