Some random moments from Round 17 of the AFL

Well, at least it’s not “Thanks for killing my Granny, Danny”

One of these teams had their season on the line

The other was Adelaide.

A random shitty meme by me

Pieces of what Ned Zelic would describe as “Individual brilliance”

No.1 – Patty Cripps, who probably ran 25 metres without bouncing, but bigger it, that goal was superb

Chalk that one down alongside Buddy’s goal in Round 22, 2017 as “Amazing goals against the Crows which were probably running too far”

No.2 – Mason Cox, the American Justin Madden

The funniest part of Mason Cox’s career is that through all of his many faults as a player, he is basically the complete opposite of the stereotype that ruckmen (If you can still call him a ruckman) can’t hit the side of a barn door in front of goal.

No.3 – Brent Daniels with an all-time dribble kick

Cop this one, Chief

The last time I saw a bender like that, Ben Cousins was running from a booze bus.

It’s like the footballing version of Tiger’s chip on the 16th at Augusta.

And No.4 – Eric Hipwood, who can’t be trusted from 20m out dead in front, but can snap a beauty on his non-preferred on the run

Charlie Dixon is genuinely taking the piss

Oscar McInerney uncorks the genie and kicks Point Of The Year

That was in some solid rain, off one step with the breeze, and he hits it a conservative 70m out of the ground, probably all the way to Birdsville.

Bye gee by jingo by crikey, if that had gone through…..

Lovely technique from The Big O.

The best and frustrating worst of Tim O’Brien in 15 seconds

First, he overcomes his Almost status and takes a very nice specky:

Aaaaaaaand best on ground Caleb Daniel reads his short centering kick to Tom Mitchell like a teenager looking at a Page 3 girl, and makes no mistake in front of goal.

One more game,…… one more game.

He Came Up Behind Him Like A Librarian, Round 17 Edition

As Nick Riewoldt and Matt ‘Craberner’ Taberner will tell you, playing on from the goal square is a completely safe idea that always ends well.

You want to talk about moments that turn games?


IF Nick Holman takes his time and doesn’t get a rush of blood to his privates, the Suns are in front just before 3/4 time, but no, Jack Crisp sees exactly what’s going on and mows him down.

The Pies go straight down their end, Mason Cox sticks his giant left hand out to mark and goal, capping off a 12-point turnaround and giving the Pies that 11 point break, which was the shot in the arm they needed in last quarter.

And the funny part was, the Suns went down there in the first place after Callum Brown completely pissed up a snap at goal.

And, it was Crisp’s 150th game…. A fantastic performance from a guy who was the equivalent of the steak knives in the Dayne Beams to Brisbane trade.

I noticed again that Anthony Hudson pronounces Brandon Ellis as ‘Brandon Alice’

I have only one thing to say.


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