Tuesday Tithbits: 15th September

So it’s been 20 years since Australia as a country peaked with the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony, as Nikki Webster flew around on wires, and Cathy Freeman was left shivering holding the Olympic torch after the cauldron lift mechanism crapped the bed…

Which also means tomorrow will be 20 years since THE DREAM was first broadcast!

Fatso – The Battlers’ Prince

“Bruce McAvaney and company revered the Games; Roy Slaven and HG Nelson skewered them.”

The peak of Australian sporting comedy…. in an 11pm timeslot.

The Battered Sav, Chico Roll, Spinning Off the Flute, the Flat Bag, the Hello Boys, a Spinning Date, a Crazy Date, a Party Date, a Close the Door or a Dutch Wink.

Since the IOC owns most of the footage from the broadcasts, which prevents me from doing a long write-up about Eric The Eel, the Synchronised Swimming and the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the many weightlifters like the Mullet from Croatia and Mariusz Jฤ™dra the Talkback King of Gdansk, there is still one event I can show without needing a YouTube referral.


And of course….


Harry Grant vs Cameron Smith this weekend

Well there’s one clause the Storm forgot to put in that loan deal with Wests that other teams eventually figured out – Loan players can’t play against their parent club.

On another note, it also looks like Josh Addo-Carr will get to impress his future employers.

The AFL lied to Adelaide

This was after Lachlan Sholl’s barn-burner on Sunday:

Nek minut, Isaac Quaynor gets the Round 17 nomination.



So what’s still at stake in Round 17 of the AFL

Port and Brisbane still have to decide who gets the least memorable minor premiership in history, and I would assume Port would be able to defeat this Collingwood team, and Brisbane derail the Teague Train, which would leave Port on top through pretty much the entire home & away season.

Richmond, Geelong and West Coast can still finish anywhere from 3rd to 5th.

North Melbourne can still tank their way into the Wooden Spoon if they get pasted by the Eagles by a solid 13 goals, and Adelaide, now the September Specialists, can pull the rug out form underneath Richmond and finally defeat them in September.

6th, 7th and 8th are still on the line, with Collingwood, guaranteed of a finals spot, holding a tenuous grip on 6th while there still being a possibility that St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs could miss out on the finals, and I think the reason why GWS and Melbourne have failed so routinely with 8th in their grasp is that they’ll most likely have to go to Perth to play West Coast in an Elimination Final.

Oscar Pisatri’s Formula 3 title win

Considering I thought he was toast after finishing 11th in the opening race and missing reverse grid pole, making him start behind both title rivals, what a fantastic triumph in what was his rookie season.

I was somewhat disappointed that Logan Sargeant got taken out at Turn 2 and didn’t give it a proper huge farewell, and that Theo Pourchaire couldn’t finish 2nd, which would’ve put him on 162 points alongside Piastri, which would’ve meant that Piastri passing Sebastien Fernandez on the line to finish 7th would’ve been for the championship, because he finished on 163.

It would’ve been one of the all-time greatest endings to a Championship of any motorsport category.

Another funny part – The great Mark Webber is Oscar’s manager, giving us this stereotypical 2020 victory photo.

Now there’s a smile.

As for what the future holds for Piastri…. With the way Mick Schumacher is trending upwards towards his destiny of an F1 seat, Piastri could get a Prema team promotion into Formula 2 in the not too distant future.

But, thinking that far ahead rarely ever works.

Channel 7 vs Cricket Australia

Forget about Australia vs England, this is the biggest series going on in International Cricket right now.

So Channel 7 have cracked it over the cost of TV rights and aren’t paying a thing to Cricket Australia until they get a reduced deal on the $450 million they paid just to get the Test matches and the Big Bash, which is as fried as the Colonel’s Original Recipe, after once being the Golden Goose.

If you want my worthless opinion, Cricket Australia have earned this pain and suffering for giving the finger to Channel 9 and Channel 10 and greedily allowing limited overs internationals to be removed from free to air, before the CA architects of that deal all pissed off out of the joint.

And Channel 7 have shown they’ll never be trusted to handle any form of cricketing TV rights for the next 1000 years.

Showmanship is out of the Spring Carnival due to a tendon injury

And futures punters for the Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes are currently lighting a candle in memory of their lost money.

The latest WA horse to go to Victoria and end up with an injury….

Those bloody rock hard tracks I tell you.

I got a viewer from Bosnia and Herzegovina last Saturday

It’s the most obscure place I’ve recorded a viewer from since I got a few from Queensland.

It goes to show how far reaching The Chalk Eaters has become… Even the folk that frequent Sarajevo TABs are having a laugh at Australian racing and dancing along to The Hucklebuck.

I also recently got a viewer from Laos, the country routinely subjected to this classic King Of The Hill joke.

Two notes on the Aussies plaing in Week 1 of the NFL

Great to see former Souths junior Jordan Mailata finally got to play in an NFL regular season game for Philly… how much of an impact he had remains to be seen, considering Carson Wentz got sacked 8 times and the Eagles blew a 17-0 lead to the Washington Football Team.

And the other one – Adam Gotsis.

He signed with Jacksonville as a free agent, who have gone full tank mode in 2020, but in spite of that, he earned his roster spot in training camp, and now looks a good chance of starting on the defensive line at some point this season.

And to cap it off, the Jaguars had a stirring win against the Indianapolis Colts, as Gotsis got some decent game time, officially recording 3 tackles… 1 of them being solo.

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