JT’s Odd Piece Of Sporting Trivia Of The Day

Two of the greatest cases of an appropriately-named driver winning in the wrong car.

In 1966, Bob Holden won at Bathurst, driving a Morris.

The mighty Morris Cooper S, which filled the first 9 places

In 1976, Bob Morris won at Bathurst, driving a Holden.

The Ron Hodgson Motors LH L34 Torana

Funnily enough, both Bobs teamed up with an International driver.

Holden was the co-driver to the Finnish rally pioneer Rauno Aaltonen, who became the first International driver to win the Great Race, and Morris was the co-driver to Brit John Fitzpatrick, who nursed the dying car home after an oil seal failed and leaked fluid into the clutch, causing it to trail smoke during the final laps, leaving Morris in tears thinking he’d lost the race.

So as you already knew, or now know, Bob Holden won the Great Race in 1966.

In case you’re wondering, the first time a Holden car won the race was when Bruce McPhee and John Mulholland won in 1968 driving an HK Monaro.

There you go – Holden won Bathurst before Holden.

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