A hypothetical scenario from the NRL last Friday night

This is a simple who would you expect to prevail.

A) James Tedesco, the best fullback in the NRL/The known world/The universe, who is also the reigning Dally M Medalist and State Of Origin Wally Lewis Medalist, and has the lowest centre of gravity in a human being.


B) An inanimate synthetic oblong football, that traveled off George Williams’ boot at approximately 3 km/h*.

Please note, that ball absolutely did not travel at 3 km/h.





Ah heck, you all know where this is going.

The mindless oblong football won, delivering an ankle breaker for the usually sure-footed Teddy with a Warnie-esque leg break, and along came Jack Wighton to leap across and seal the Raiders win.

As they say, it can happen to the best of them.

In this case, literally.

On the other hand, George Williams might just get himself a spot in England’s 2021-22 Ashes touring squad with a spinning performance like that on the SCG.

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