The tipping update before the NRL Preliminary Finals

On account of it being my boring old birthday, I’m a bit strapped for time to write a preview for the Preliminary Finals, and I have to finish the Chalk Eaters, so instead, I’ll focus on something I’ve detailed briefly at times this season…


This is as it stands after the Semi Finals, as I recovered several thousand spots from the turkeys who don’t tip at this time of year, leaving me just on 8,000 from pinching a Top 10% medal.

So on that note, I’ve gone the old Gary Harley method and backed the Storm and Panthers, because, the favourite is the favourite FOR A REASON.

I’ll be honest – Deep down, I want to see a Panthers-Raiders Grand Final, just because it’s now been 30 years since those fantastic 1990-91 Grand Finals that I wasn’t actually alive to see.

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