Some random moments from the AFL Preliminary Finals

So in the year we get the first-ever Grand Final outside of Victoria, we get the first all-Victorian Grand Final since 2011.

You can take the Grand Final out Victoria……

Actually, when you think about it, it’s the first Grand Final with 2 interstate teams since 2006.

For only the 3rd time in history, the Top 2 teams will miss the Grand Final

All 3 of those Grand Finals have involved Richmond.

Conversely, it’s the first Grand Final in history in which both teams lost in the first week of the finals.

Great to see Paul Chapman get the recognition he deserves from Cats fans

Won a Norm Smith with a bung hamstring for the Cats, and all he got for a farewell was a substitute’s vest and a Preliminary Final suspension.

Still, that banner is somewhat disturbing to look at.

Gary Ablett Jnr kicking a similar goal against Brisbane twice in 2020

Gets the handball, runs to 50m out, and sends it home.

This is back in Round 6:

And this was Saturday night:

How about that.

Port Adelaide violated the Round 1 Leap Year Coincidence

Well, it was great fun milking it while it lasted…. only got about 900 hits on that post from 2019.

By my own biased metric, this was the average Port supporter as the siren sounded on Friday night

That’s actually quite civil from what I’ve seen from Jack when Port play.

Tom Lynch – He who laughs last, laughs the longest

Of course the siren sounded on Friday night with the Sherrin in Tommy Lynch’s hands after taking the game-sealing mark in defence.

A coke & bourbon shower never felt so good.

The last play of Brad Ebert’s career

Saving a certain mark and getting concussed in the process.

If Port had somehow won, that would’ve been right up there as one of the best finals defensive plays in years.

True story – Brad was/is the most recent player in the AFL to debut before he turned 18 years of age, way back in Round 2 of 2008, just 3 days before his birthday.



Peter Ladhams tells Noah Balta “THAT’S MY PURSE, I DON’T KNOW YOU!”

Once again, Port lose a Prelim Final thanks to a 6-goal performance

2014 – Jarryd Roughead

2020 – Richmond

You knew Brisbane were in trouble when Gary Rohan did this to them

It’s not the highest bar known to humanity, but that might be the best piece of play we’ve seen from Gary Rohan in a final.

Fantastic bit of skill from the carrot top.

Patrick Dangerfield single handedly sets up a goal for Gary Jnr

Not even Mr Creosote chucked like that.

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