Great to see the Big Bash back in Perth

If the stadium announcers can be believed, they got 25,000 in to Optus Stadium for the first Big Bash game in Perth in some 340 days:

Fantastic view of the ground, and one I definitely didn’t reserve, although oddly enough, nobody from security ever picked up from that.

Funnily enough, this was my original view, which is a definitive shot of the Optus Stadium rafters:

So from my pristine view in the third tier with The Rocket just behind the wickets, I got to see the Barefoot Ceremony:

Peter ‘Hats And Glue’ sticking his foot on the boundary rope to give Josh Inglis a 6 instead of caught and wicket, which it wouldn’t have been anyway because I don’t think he’d have timed a jump from the 1st row:

Adam Gilchrist arriving at Crown Towers in a private helicopter:

One of the 11 unnamed Strikers batsmen goes back to the pavilion goes back for an undesirable score, most likely Shaun Marsh:

Getting to see firsthand how crap the Renegades are, even though this turned out to be enough to get the Bash Boost Point.

And again, after the Scorchers were so far ahead they brought on Liam Livingstone to roll some offies:

And after the Scorchers failed to win by over 100 runs, much to the disappointment of the crowd:

A day I’ll probably fail to remember within a week.

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