Did a poor lady in the crowd stumble upon a dead body after John Millman lost

Forget about critical analysis of how the Battler’s Prince from Brisbane lost in 5 sets, just wait until after Corentin Moutet wraps up the match when Millman can’t get the forehand back for the start of this Agatha Christie murder mystery:

Originally tweeted by Wide World of Sports, broadcast by Channel 9

For all I know, that scream was just a French fan, or someone from Moutet’s team, being very delighted that he’d scored an upset main draw win at a Grand Slam…

Or if some poor lady was mortified at seeing Australia’s hopes of more Millmania this week get stabbed through the heart, in a case of (Red white and) blue murder:

Given the screams were still going after the post-match elbow bump, I’m going to have to guess it was a very passionate Frenchperson from France making us all think a murder mystery was in the works.

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