A fool’s guide to player injuries at Grand Slam tournaments

Pictured: A clearly injured Novak Djokovic fakes an injury and plays on against Taylor Fritz

Based on a decade of using online forums, and at least 16 years of sitting on a couch and watching Grand Slam tournaments…. which should remind you that this is obviously satire.

The most obvious obvious scenario:

A) If a player is injured during a match, yet they’re still fit enough to win or at least go close to winning…

They’re obviously faking it.

Famous example this week = Novak Djokovic not being 100% fit after suffering an abdominal/stomach muscle “tear” that would normally see him withdraw from an ATP event, but obviously still playing well enough to see off Taylor Fritz and Milos Raonic, because he’s Novak Bloody Djokovic and he could defeat 99% of players after having his arms hacked off.

B) If a player is injured and retires during a match and/or withdraws from a tournament with their long term health in mind…

They’re just a quitter.

Examples from Monday = Casper ‘Extremely’ Ruud, who suddenly retired against Andre Rublev with some kind of injury after dropping the 2nd Set in a tiebreak from a 5-3 lead, and Matteo Berrettini, who withdrew tonight before playing Stefanos Tsitsipas due to an abdominal injury he sustained in defeating Karen Khachanov the 3rd Round, which should really tell you what a huge missed chance that was for Khachanov.


C) If a player loses a match despite some apparent injury, but refuses to use it as an excuse for their defeat, e.g Venus Williams and Dominic Thiem…

You have to ask the question, why didn’t you just retire and save some energy?

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