Tuesday Tithbits: 23rd March

Kicking off today’s Tuesday musings, with footy season back in full swing – The WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR MULTIS MOVEMENT, sparked by various NRL players in the recent weeks, which popped up again with Josh Morris got targeted by an angry mug after his identical twin brother hogged the ball out in the Roosters’ win at Campbelltown:

Funny how Fox Sports didn’t want to identify the guy but posted Josh’s screenshot with his name in it

Ah, you’ve got to love those angry bastards that threaten to bash up players because they cost them some ridiculous 6-leg multi, something I did contemplate in the heat of the moment as a youngster, only to realise I couldn’t be bothered hunting them down, and they’d probably snap me like a twig.

There are also several things about that message have great comedic value – Betting is completely based on chance, so what the hell were you expecting, he called Campbelltown Stadium ‘Leumeah Stadium’, which is as refined as calling the Sydney Roosters the Eastern Suburbs Roosters, and secondly, the confidence to think that he’d have success taking a swing at Josh Morris, a bloke who’s bordering on 6 foot and weighs just under 100kgs, has represented his country, has been involved in the odd State of Origin cattledog in his time, and shares a bus with very talented angry bastard Jared Waerea-Hargreaves.

And, even if he saw Josh Morris and actually attempted to hit Josh, he’d probably hit Brett by mistake, because have you seen those two close together?

Usually you have to wait until Christmas for a day without racing

Alas, the Big Wet of 2021 has not only washed away several towns in NSW, it washed away the entire Australian slate for Tuesday:

Of course, one of those things is more important than the other, but I can just picture the face of every TAB operator in the country today:

You wouldn’t even know Sydney/New South Wales got belted by a 1 in 100 year weather event for the last several days just by looking at the BOM forecast:

The first use of Siri in an AFL Tribunal defence – Well done to Patrick Dangerfield’s lawyer

What he should’ve said:

“Hey Siri, define the phrase Up Shit Creek Without A Paddle”

When you look at the tribunal results tonight, I think Kiara Bowers’ lawyer used Alexa, because unlike Paddy, she was able to get her suspension downgraded to a fine and keep her red hot AFLW MVP hopes alive.

Showcasing the gap between the best and the rest in the NRL

Take a look at this little chart of Top 8 teams from 2020 playing Bottom 8 teams from 2020, through the opening fortnight of 2021:

Admittedly, the Roosters and Panthers have pushed that margin out by close to a dozen points, but the fact remains – The Top 8 teams still haven’t dropped a game yet

This week there’s only 2 more Top 8 vs Bottom 8 games – The Raiders playing New Zealand in Canberra, and Newcastle play Wests Tigers in the Hunter.

If Shane Van Gisbergen can come from 17th on the grid to clean sweep a round of the Supercars Championship with a broken collarbone and broken ribs….

Just imagine what Gizzy can do when he’s fully fit – He could even clean sweep a round at Mount Panorama!

By the way, that finish to Race 3 on Saturday was probably the most entertaining ending I’ve seen to a Supercars race since Bathurst 2014.

Gizzy getting up to 4th with his physical state was brilliant enough (And we didn’t even know he had broken ribs), but it wasn’t until he picked off Whincup and Mostert in one swift move at Turns 2-3 on the penultimate lap, with the youngest set of tyres in the field, that you thought “Shit, he’s actually going to win this!”

Brilliant racing, and with Scott McLaughlin out of the picture, there just doesn’t seem to be any driver consistent enough to match the bloke who is currently proving that Kiwis can indeed fly.

Spud’s Game on Saturday Night

The St Kilda vs Melbourne game on Saturday night will be the Saints’ first home game in Melbourne with a crowd since August of 2019, and the first since Danny Frawley passed away barely a month later, and with it being Spud’s Game: Time 2 Talk for mental health, it’s a fantastic way to remember the wide-ranging legacy that Spud left in the game, from mental health and wellbeing, to making sure defenders got their proper recognition with the Golden Fist, and it also made me think again of all the hilarity he gave myself listening to the Triple M Rub on Saturday mornings/afternoons.

So to remember the Boy From Bungaree again, here’s a moment that still cracks me up – When Damian ‘Purple’ Barrett revealed Spud was again mistakenly addressed as “Dr Daniel Frawley” while speaking at the launch of an imaging clinic near the Epworth Hospital, full of Nobel Prize winners and Australia’s medical heavyweights, a mistake that Spud admitted he didn’t attempt to correct:

Spud being Spud, he sat there admitted to supposedly impersonating a doctor (Much to James Brayshaw’s mirth), and eventually gave it back to Purple by giving him an ear massage on the air.

The start of the Formula 1 and MotoGP seasons

Conveniently, all the teams were in Bahrain, which explains why Bahrain will begin the F1 season for the first time since 2010, and it’s odd to think this’ll be the first World Championship season (Dating back to 1950) without Murray Walker…

Then again, I’ll probably say the same thing after Bernie Ecclestone dies at the age of 137.

And, just to make sure I don’t wake up until 11am on Monday morning, the MotoGP season is back in business in Qatar, and Sandra Sully with the late news, Marc Marquez won’t be lining up for Repsol Honda, after heeding his doctor’s advice and allowing his recovery to continue, which is something he should’ve done following the original accident and surgery on his humerus in July last year, which is part of the reason we ended up here:

And, this Tweet should serve as another reminder to Valentino Rossi that he is indeed, an old bugger:

If you’d like a reference, that Grand Prix was held on March 31, 1996 – Rossi finished 6th on an Aprillia.

As for the riders (8/22 on the grid) born after Rossi’s debut: The rookie trio of Jorge Martin, Luca Marini and Enea Bastianini, plus defending World Champion Joan Mir, Pecco Bagnaia, Alex Marquez, Fabio Quartararo, and Iker Lecuona, who was born after Rossi was already a 125cc and 250cc World Champion.

Jarryd Hayne should get the Chris Benoit treatment from the NRL

For those of you unaware, ever since Chris Benoit’s double murder-suicide in 2007, the WWE have actively avoided promoting or mentioning Benoit on their broadcasts (Understandable given the circumstances), despite the fact that he’s in the history books for, among many things, as one of only three people to win the Royal Rumble after entering the ring at No.1.

Now, I can already picture how this would go if you strolled in to Rugby League HQ at Moore Park to read about the history of First Grade Rugbaleeg:

“Inspired by Jeff Robson and Daniel Mortimer’s superb play in the halves, the Eels made a miracle run to the 2009 NRL Grand Final, where they were defeated by a Melbourne Storm team found to be blatantly cheating the salary cap.”

Now we’re getting somewhere!

What a fantastic Saturday of four-legged fun we have in store with the Sydney Autumn Carnival being delayed

The Golden Mile at Bendigo, featuring the great headcase So Si Bon.

The WA Oaks at Ascot, with William Pike back home just as he was starting to plunder Melbourne.

The start of the Kalgoorlie season, which will most likely feel the impact of one Merv Roberts.

The Streaky Bay Cup.

And some unimportant Two-year-old race at Rosehill.

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