Some random moments from Round 3 of the AFL

The Easter Monday Pigeon

So that pigeon looked like it was injured out in the middle, got taken to the bench, turned out to be fine, and came back on and saw out the game.

They should call it ‘Patrick Dangerfield’.

Give that man the $10,000!

The ultimate ironies of Thursday night, as pointed out by everyone

Zac Bailey being the player to win the game for the Lions, after being the player who was robbed of a free kick in the Marc Blicavs tackle last Friday night:


The Rat got it done.

Jeremy Howe randomly doing a cartwheel during Zac Bailey’s kick

Mitch Robinson with more arse than class

The first proper signs of cracks appearing in the 2021 Brisbane Lions.

From the makers of The Slap, comes The Slap

Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a slap at the footy – Who can forget Sam Newman slapping Bill Barrot:

Josh Bruce – The first Bulldogs player to kick 10 goals in a game since Simon Beasley in Round 21 of 1987

The scenes as the Bulldogs celebrated Josh Bruce’s 10th goal

Half of them get around big Brucey….

And 10 metres away, Bailey Smith and Tom Liberatore get into a biffo with a few Roos, because when you’re up by 20 goals, why not.

The last team prior to the Bulldogs to win a game by 100 points?

The Western Bulldogs themselves, in Round 21 of 2019 against Essendon at Marvel Stadium.

Tex Walker with 17 goals has the best 3-game start to a season in 11 years

For context, Brown Dog also had 17 goals after 3 games (5, 7, 5) but wound up missing 6 games due to injury and finished on 53 for the season.

A rare instance where a heatmap provided an accurate summary of a team’s performance

Sydney’s heatmap in the 2nd Quarter as they kicked 8 goals and blew Richmond out of the water:

Throbbing and direct through the middle from the Swannies

Chad Swan vs Virgin Tigers

Chad Warner shaking a fly off his back before kicking the goal

Not the first time Warner’s hit one flush for 6 at the MCG.

There were 8 shots on goal that hit the post in the Tigers-Swans game

If you want context on the possible all-time record:

Jordan Ridley wanted Mark of the Year, but Aaron Francis wanted the 3 votes in the Golden Fist that little bit more


The end result – Ridley gives away a free kick to Jack Higgins for in the back/unrealistic attempt, and Higgins kicked a goal, helping St Kilda lose by a mere 75 points to the Bombers.

If there was a goal assist of the season, Luke Shuey should win it by default

A mid-air volley from a Nic Nat tap that went straight to Liam Ryan, who kicked a goal from the set shot for the Eagles’ third goal.

It was a fair effort not to ping his hamstring there and then.

I think we can send Flyin’ Ryan’s Mark Of The Round for the Americans to find when they become enamored with Australian Rules Football during a late night bender

And that won’t even be his best mark in 2021, I guarantee it.

Kyle Hartigan’s textbook ear massage that Spud Frawley would’ve loved

Sure it caused a certain goal in a game that the Hawks lost by 5 points, and Kyle will get at least a fine for head high contact, but if that doesn’t end up on the Golden Fist highlight reel, it’ll be an insult to Spud’s legacy.

That and the side effects of head knocks will forever be connected to Spud, so there’s a good reason why they won’t be.

And last one – Kysaiah Pickett’s ball handling skills during his intercept goal vs GWS

Kozzie slides in, picks up the ball cleanly, does a Harlem Globetrotter trick around his back, then has the presence of mind and the ability to snap the goal.

The boy’s a marvel.

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