Analysing JT’s Round 6 NRL Picks

Pictured: Jack Hetherington demonstrates the fabled ‘Hills Hoist’ tackling technique on Val Holmes

I’ve got 3 words to describe my tipping performance this year.


5/8 for the fifth time in 6 rounds…. You can’t say I’m not trying.

Panthers 20 defeated Broncos 12 – Correct

Despite having every reason to get smashed silly by an unbeaten Penrith team who were flying like Neville Bartos, the Broncos showed a level of spirit and commitment against a top team that they haven’t shown since the pandemic kicked off, probably thanks to Kevin Walters giving them a pre-game speech in which he threatened to help Gorden Tallis reconcile with the club if they didn’t play well.

That’d send a shiver up anyone’s spine.

Anyway, the Broncos served it up to the Mountain Men, who had a very off night and very nearly copped one of the biggest upsets of the NRL era, but the ultimate difference in the final 10 minutes was Nathan Cleary, first with the 2-point drop goal with 6 minutes to play, then the sealing try in the final minutes to push it out to 8 points.

Knights 26 defeated Sharks 22 – Correct

Superb game to watch, and while Kalyn Ponga got all the glory for pretty much dragging the Knights over the line, plus Brodie Jones and his mega game off the bench, I’d just like to point out the sheer quality that was Tyson Frizell’s no-look offload to Ponga for the game-winning try assist.

Have a look at that.

What an absolute tracer bullet to win the game.

Sensational stuff from the Knighters.

Melbourne Storm 20 defeated Sydney Roosters 4 – Correct

Whatever the Roosters are planning on offering to TJ Perenara…

They might want to double it.

Manly Sea Eagles 36 defeated Gold Coast Titans 0 – Incorrect

Me before the game: Tommy Turbo is a good player

Me after the game: Tommy Turbo is a good player

Me before the game: The Titans are good at football

Me after the game: The Titans are not good at football

South Sydney Rabbitohs 18 defeated Wests Tigers 14 in Golden Point – Correct

Sometimes it doesn’t take a bucketload of tries to create an epic contest, and just think about some of the events that happened on Saturday night:

Latrell Mitchell throwing a late elbow and randomly kicking a Tiger in the face, somehow staying on the field both times.

Adam Reynolds kicking a 2-point field goal to tie the scores just as the Tigers were on the verge of pulling off the upset.

Reynolds subsequently missing the game-winning field goal from close range under pressure.

Tom Burgess apparently knocking on in the act of scoring the game-winning try as only a Burgess brother can, allowing Luke Brooks to run 100m downfield and score what appeared to be the miracle winner for the Tigers while the Bunnies were too busy celebrating and not realising referee Sutton had called play on, only for the Bunker to intervene and overturn the winning try for Brooks because Burgess himself had scored the winning try.

And who could forget when the Fox League broadcast entered a wormhole that finished up at Canberra Stadium:

Canberra Raiders 10 defeated by Parramatta Eels 35 – Incorrect

“Yeah Moe that team sure did suck last night, they just plain sucked! I’ve seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!”

St George-Illawarra 14 defeated by New Zealand Warriors 20 – Incorrect

The Warriors should be nicknamed The Bibles, not because of the fact you can find them in cheap motels, but because they’re so hard to read – One week a winless Manly knock them off, then they go to Kogarah and derail a Dragons team who had built up a decent amount of momentum.

That said, after Sunday’s performance, their last 2 games against the Dragons are mind boggling:

44 out of 46 complete sets in the upset in Round 3 at Gosford last season, and despite what people may have read, they didn’t complete a perfect 100% of their sets on Sunday…

They completed a mere 40 out of 41 sets, which in numerical terms is only 97.5%, good enough for a new NRL record nonetheless.

North Queensland Cowboys 30 defeated Canterbury Bulldogs 18 – Correct

Congratulations to the Cowboys on winning the coveted Who Cares Cup for 2021 and giving Todd Payten his first win in front of the faithful, and it was set up in the middle of the 2nd Half when Bulldog forward Jack Hetherington performed his latest idiotic on-field act by hanging Valentine Holmes on a Hills Hoist, earning himself an early shower from Ashley Klein, and cruelling the Bulldogs even as they got within a converted try late on.

Also just look at that beautiful pass from Kyle Feldt to Valentine Holmes

Hetherington has now played 29 First Grade games in a short career, and has already been rubbed out for a total of 10 games from 6 different charges, and given he’s been hit with a Grade 3 careless high tackle for that coathanger, he’ll make it at least 15 games missed due to suspension.

In hindsight, Jack should’ve just elbowed Holmes, the Bunker wouldn’t even have looked at it.

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