Some random moments from Round 8 of the AFL season

Shai Bolton, Shaun Smith and Gary Moorcroft…. They all wore 29!

Port Adelaide fans chant their dislike of Eddie Betts after years of repressed Showdown memories resurface

As of Round 8, teams who score over 100 points in a game in 2021 have a record of 35 wins and 2 defeats.

There seems to be one constant in those two defeats…..

Audio of Luke Hodge explaining the concept of an intercept mark to Brian Taylor during Friday night’s Channel 7 coverage

You can’t blame Bristle for having no idea what an intercept mark is, despite being involved in footy for 4+ decades…. he spent 90% of it sitting in the goalsquare waiting for the ball to come to him.

Bloody oath, what a great weekend for hangers

Shai ‘Lightning’ Bolton takes the clubhouse leader for Mark of the Round & Year against Geelong

Fun fact, Shaun Smith and Gary Moorcroft also wore 29… It’s a great number for players plucking down monster grabs.

Brody Mihocek takes the second-best mark of the round, which would’ve been Mark of the Week 9 times out of 10

Josh Walker learned the hard way… Mihocek yourself before you wreck yourself.

Aliir Aliir takes the third-best mark of the round

Aliir Aliir, the player so nice, they named him twice.

Harry Himmelberg takes the fourth-best mark of the round

On his birthday, nonetheless!

Joe Daniher takes the fifth-best mark of the round

Wouldn’t even crack Joe’s best 15 marks to date.

And for no reason, here’s Cody Weightman’s hanger for Footscray in the VFL

Once again, bloody oath, what a great week for hangers.

Dan Butler tries to join the Suns-Saints Half Time brawl, and instead gets a Spinebuster from Sean Lemmens

And here’s the Fox Footy commentary from the incident:

Dane ‘The Rock’ Rampe flipping Ed Langdon

It seems horrifically shanking a kick at goal is now deliberate out of bounds

From Fox Footy

A sub-par umpiring performance to match a sub-par game between two sub-par teams.

It’s not a pun, it’s just how people from where they are from spell/speak.

Clearly the Roos are getting a bit of sponsorship money to put into THE WAR CHEST.

I’m no medical expert, but that hand appears to be badly swollen

Good to see Cameron Smith’s found another sport he can officiate in after retiring from the NRL

John Noble helps his dad out with a deliberate rushed behind to give North their first goal

Still, considering the Pies won easily, John did get the last laugh on David:

Tom Papley dropping the fastest F-bomb by a player this season at a lightning 14 seconds

From Fox Footy/Channel 7

Put 10 cents in the swear jar please Mr Papley:

Ya know, Cale Hooker may have been a tad unlucky not to get a head high free kick late in the Giants-Bombers game

Let’s see there:

Hooker is about to mark the ball

Lachy Keefe pretty clearly whacks him in the back of the head + over the shoulder attempting to spoil and barely gets any of the ball, if he actually got any…

Play on, and Jacob Hopper kicked the sealer a minute later.

The Port Adelaide Magpies celebrate a 14-point win over Adelaide in the SANFL Showdown

Just ignore the scoreboard and whatever Eddie McGuire says, it’s definitely the SANFL:

Sunday saw the first goalless 20 minute 1st Quarter involving Hawthorn and West Coast since Round 4, 2012 at Subiacowhich was also the last time any AFL game with 20 minute quarters had a goalless 1st Quarter.

I had the mispleasure of sitting in the City End that night as misty rain came down the entire bloody game

Mitchell Lewis has the opportunity to kick a consolation goal…. instead he unselfishly pulls a dab kick into the goal square for a rushed behind.

Come on Mitch, you could’ve gone the dribble kick and pissed off Jason Dunstall.

Hugh McCluggage pulls a magic trick on Nat Fyfe and Mitch Crowden

Finally, I’d like to apologise to my dear friend Nunzio

I sent him a text when Carlton got 27 points up in the 3rd Quarter telling him that if the Blues won by 7 goals, then Richmond would drop to 9th, to which he told me let’s wait for them to win first.

Turns out that after some 50 years, he knows his own club better than I do.

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