Tuesday Tithbits: 11th May

Well it’s Tuesday, and that means it’s Budget night Down Under, and for those of you from the international audience, that’s the night where the Australian Parliament celebrates the good work of Budget Rent A Car in providing reasonably priced cars and trucks for hire for the people of Australia.

Who knows why the Australian Government chose to name such an occasion after an American company with an established history in the country, but all we can say on this Tuesday night every year, is thanks Budget.

Apparently it’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow, not that I actually pay attention to it

The fun fact I always enjoyed about her birthday is that it’s exactly one day before my old neighbour from No Hope Avenue, who is now referred to as ‘Tim The Tool Man’ and may or may not frequent an AM radio station in Perth every weekday morning.

She was born May 12, 1995, and the Toolman’s birthday is May 13, 1995.

Let’s just say I don’t remember the weekend they had their 21st birthdays in 2016.

As far as tag teams go, Shai “Bad Ass” Bolton and Dan “Road Dogg” Rioli aren’t exactly The New Age Outlaws

Why does Willie Rioli keep trying to turn himself into Willie Vanilli

As Stephen A Smith would say, STAY OFF THE WEEEEED-UH

Yes, taking drugs into an airport, it worked out for Schapelle Corby.

So the NRL told all the Sydney clubs not to play their fringe First Graders in the NSW Cup on the weekend as a precaution for Magic Round due to the bubble arrangements with the Queensland Government

Naturally, there was the little club that didn’t listen, and that was Parramatta, who didn’t pull their fringe players out just so they could beat up Norths 39-0 after the Roosters emptied their First Graders and left the Bears to be skinned.

Now, thanks Dylan Brown and Marata Niukore being rubbed out of First Grade, and Reed Mahoney’s concussion, the Eels have a grand total of 16 players available to take up to Brisbane, and naturally all of two Sydney clubs (Penrith and Souths) complained that the Eels shouldn’t be given an exemption to fill their bench, before the NRL decided the dirty Reserve Graders (One of them being Brad Arthur’s son Jake) can’t train with the team before they fly to Brisbane.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Parra would be this obtuse…. this is the same club that could only win an Auckland Nines title before they got punished for cheating the salary cap.

The Don McKinnon ‘It Happens’ post from May 20 last year has already passed 300 views this year

Look down the bottom

Apparently the sight of a bloke having to relieve himself in the field of play is a common Google search all over the world… right around midnight before I went to sleep, I noticed someone viewed it with an IP address from, of all places.. GUYANA.

Yes, Guyana, the only South American country to have English as their official language, and the country remembered by Americans as “That place where Jim Jones drank Kool Aid”, have somehow heard about Don McKinnon.

Poor bastard.

A slice of history from The Bend Supercars

Not only did Ford rack up their 400th victory in Australian touring car racing thanks to Anton De Pasquale winning Race 2 on Sunday, 2015 champion Mark ‘Frosty’ Winterbottom became the first driver in ATCC history to record 500 consecutive race starts:

Going back through the books, the last time Frosty didn’t start a race was during the one-off Shanghai Round in 2005, and those who watched that memorable trip to the PRC may know the rather infamous reason why:

He drove over a loose drain cover during Race 1, which did an amazing amount of damage to the floor of the Larkham-Orrcon Falcon, and almost turned him into Mark Splinterbottom after missing his backside by inches.

From memory, Juan Pablo Montoya hit a drain cover during the Chinese Grand Prix that same year.

Staying on the subject of Supercars, Neil Crompton was diagnosed with prostate cancer in mid-April, yet he still managed to commentate Symmons Plains and The Bend before revealing the news

Thankfully it looks like Cromply may be in the clear for now… bloody hell, if the series lost him like this, it’d never recover.

Here’s an out of context threesome from the Western Bulldogs vs Carlton

Have to say, I didn’t realise Stefanos Tsitsipas played for Carlton.

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