Some random moments from Round 12 of the AFL season

Pictured: WA once again props up struggling Victorian business

They certainly are, Seven

I can see why nobody rates the Demons… they haven’t even beaten anyone above them on the ladder right now.

The Dreamtime journey of Essington

It started here:

10 minutes later they took the lead:

And completing this wild journey, a mere 20 minutes after that:

Yep, it was an Essendon game alright.

Seb Ross displaying a bad case of the yips that he probably caught from Jack Higgins

Doesn’t that sound familiar, doesn’t that hit too close to home, doesn’t that make you shiver, the way things could’ve gone

We’ll choose to believe that Sarah pinched that from /r/afl’s own /u/Catharsis1394…

Crows fan follows recommended health advice

Although I wasn’t sure about that lady with the oven mits…

Adelaide setting new modern records for 3rd Quarter ineptitude

Nick Vlaustin dropping an Emily Seebohm on Brayden Ham

That’s my favourite mention of the C word in a sporting match since Freddie Flintoff in the Big Bash a few years ago:

Enjoy Shai Bolton taking an enormous amount of piss out of the Bombers on an endless loop

Dermott Brereton inquiring if Nic Nat is considered Indigenous, despite the fact that he’s 100% Fijian-Australian

You’re right Derm, he’s not Indigenous, he’s the bloody captain going in for the coin toss!

Flyin’ Ryan vs the Astro-Naughton on Sunday

An average day out for Liam Ryan with this hanger:

And Aaron Naughton, back home in WA, pulled off a beautiful leap against Freo:

Almost have to give that to the Astro-Naughton, because Flyin’ Ryan has set himself a bar so high I don’t even think his mark clears it.

Eddie Betts returns from Row Z to kick a goal

And finally, Nathan Wilson going for the ball…. Only problem was they both belonged to Cody Weightman


Gave away 50 metres and a certain goal, Freo never recovered, and he broke the Bro Code in the process.

Although, he was given a ground ball get by Champion Data.

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