Some random moments from Round 14 of the AFL season

A team nicknamed after planes, sitting inside of a plane.


Toby Greene, inducted straight into the Torpedos Hall of Fame

And that was the second-biggest thump Toby gave Carlton on Saturday night:

Still, it’s not even the first time Toby has hit Nic Newman in the guts in Sydney, because who can ever forget this timeless moment:

Geelong are so good at Kardinia Park they defy maths

Joel Selwood and Tom Hawkins – The winningest winners

The only players to kick a goal after the siren TWICE, and for two different clubs:

Barry Hall (2001, 2005)

2:10 for Bazza’s slice of history

Gary Rohan (2017, 2021)

Yeah, turns out putting the shortest player in the league on the mark for a set shot wasn’t a smart idea

As you’ll recall, Brad Close’s snap in the 2nd Quarter for Geelong’s third goal of the game barely went 8 feet in the air, and with any human being of a normal height who knew how to perform a vertical leap could’ve touched that ball.


Funnily enough the umpire originally called it as touched


Jack Macrae getting an almighty bake from what could be Isaac Smith

Now if you listen closely it sounds like “You’re a ****in’ selfish Seebohm”, and at the end, that seems to sound like “You’re an unbelievable selfish Seebohm” again.

Sounds like an average Saturday at the Waterford TAB to me.

On the subject of Isaac Smith, here he is getting a callback to his days playing for the Wagga Hawks having to climb into the crowd to get the ball

Chris Scott reaction GIF number 4579

When you land the quaddie after you go wide and a roughie gets up in the last:

Steve Motlop providing Jarrod Lienert with his first AFL goal in his 19th game at the age of 26

Just about the only interesting moment from Port’s win.

One still to describe the 3rd Quarter of North Melbourne vs Brisbane

Only 6 deliberate out of bounds calls!

Lincoln McCarthy with the 360 degree spin of a ballerina to kick a goal

Because a spin goal deserves it’s own soundtrack:

Patrick Cripps gives a bit of lip to Razor Ray Chamberlain, only to realise why players don’t often give lip to Razor Ray

50-metre penalty, thank you very much, although Nick Haynes did miss the shot at goal.

Seriously Crippa, what were you expecting?

Harry McKay, the adopted McKay twin

At least Ben can bounce the ball:

“Good decision Brody”

Sam Frost with the textbook Falcon-Smother double on Cale Hooker

Now if that had been Caleb Daniel on the mark, that would’ve probably sailed through for a score from metres 45 out

And finally, the renowned German striker Das Paket scores a lovely solo goal as he takes time away from the Euros to play for Essendon

Jake ‘The Package’ Stringer – 29 disposals, 7 tackles, 4 goals

I mysteriously won’t point out that was created by Chad Wingard dropping a simple chest mark on his knees.

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