Lawn Bowls

Numerical coincidences down at Manning

Today I played in the Thursday pairs with Vice President Steve, and in our game against Sue and Trish, it was 5-5 after 5 ends.

Completing this strange numerical feat, few minutes later, it was 8-8 after 8 ends.

In certain Chinese cultures that’d be considered lucky, although as it turned out, it was 9-9 going into the final end, meaning we didn’t quite get the 9-9-9, and on that 11th end, myself and Steve were holding 2 shots heading into the final bowl, and Trish was convinced into going for a drive by Sue, and you wouldn’t believe it, she took the jack and they held 2 after I had an open rink to aim at and put by shot in the ditch.

So to add one more numerical coincidence to this list, Sue and Trish won the game after 11 ends… WITH 11 SHOTS.

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