My random fact for Round 15 of the AFL after Hawthorn defeated GWS

Concerning Shaun Burgoyne

Another one for the coincidence file – All 5 players who have played at least 399 games in VFL/AFL history won their 399th game.

  1. Kevin Bartlett for Richmond in Round 18, 1983 – Richmond defeated Essendon at Windy Hill by 74 points
  2. Michael Tuck for Hawthorn in Round 17, 1990 – Hawthorn defeated the Brisbane Bears at Carrara by 15 points
  3. Dustin Fletcher for Essendon in Round 8 of 2015 – Essendon defeated the Brisbane Lions by 58 points
  4. Brent Harvey for North Melbourne in Round 16 of 2015 – North Melbourne defeated Essendon by 25 points
  5. Shaun Burgoyne for Hawthorn in Round 15 of 2021 – Hawthorn defeated GWS by 18 points

As for their 400th game… Well, Silk has to survive another week first!

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