Tuesday Tithbits: 29th June

That was a real score by the way…. I imagine my colleague The Gabster would get a good laugh out of it

Well it’s the last Tuesday of June, I’m in lockdown for the third time this year because Australia’s politicians once again failed us, The Rocket’s 61st birthday is on Thursday and he’ll definitely get a laugh after seeing that I mentioned that, while I can report that this is my 998th post since the website began in February 2019, and with my upcoming post schedule, the Dutch TT post tomorrow should be number 999, then my little report about this weekend’s Round 16 AFL milestones should be the 1000th.

Before you ask how many of the other 997 posts were either crap jokes or 5 word stories….

I can report it’s only 228!

When you’re in a fight but you remember you’ve got a Zinger Box waiting at home

How to sum up Queensland’s State of Origin series thus far

The short drop out from Kyle Feldt that ended up rolling back into the in-goal for a penalty, and led to the Blues running in another try:

Quite the cross cultural cartoon by David Pope in the Canberra Times

Given what happened in the Tour de France, I would’ve thought that having Gladys crash into the sign and taking everyone else out in the process would make sense:

On another note, how about the tree trunks for legs that David Pope gave the Coronavirus cyclist

It’d be very rare to see the stuffy Wimbledon Centre Court give a minute long long standing ovation to anyone full stop, let alone someone who doesn’t even play tennis

In this day and age, Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine designer Dame Sarah Gilbert was as good a recipient as any.

As covered it:

“Emotional Wimbledon ovation puts Australia to shame”

That because Tennis Australia boss Jane Hrdlicka was booed just for mentioning vaccines after the Australian Open Final.

Actually, when you think about that moment, you start to realise the laxed attitude that led to four states being locked down and dealing with outbreaks.

Ash Barty’s Evonne Goolagong’s 1971 Wimbledon outfit

For reference, here’s what Evonne wore when she triumphed at the All England Club for the first time in 1971 at the age of 19, and once again you can instantly notice that ‘scapped’ dress design which looks akin to an old-fashioned parasol:

Now, here’s what Ash will wear tonight onto Centre Court, and you can easily notice that ‘scalloped skirt’ in the promo to give the callback to Evonne, which I think is quite lovely:

Of course, the reason they call it a scalloped dress is because the pattern looks exactly like…. a scallop.

Warm up your Brexit and German World War jokes for the outcome of England vs Germany at the Euros tonight

If Germany wins, you’ll get a million and one jokes about how England have chosen to leave Europe again, and if the Three Lions win, you’ll get an old favourite like this… among many others:

Actually, it’d be quite hilarious if the Germans knocked England out of the Euros, because right now, the German government were/are quite literally attempting to ban British travellers from entering the European Union due to the spread of the Delta variant.

Still, I imagine the Germans will have a better chance at removing the British from the mainland than they did between 1914 to 1918.

So Melbourne City romped to the A-League title, the Fox Sports run with the A-League is over after 16 years, and now it’s over to APL, Channel 10 & Paramount

I can only think that Channel 10 have a proven model to make a venture like coverage of the A-League work, and that’s what they did to make the Big Bash League work between 2013 and 2018 when, much like the A-League, it had a very low base to build off, and ended up proving a huge hit in attracting younger audiences to cricket.

Whether or not Dance Troupes, bringing back KFC bucket hats, Gus The Goose and Zooper Dooper breaks are going to translate to building an audience remains to be seen, especially in an even shorter game like football.

Sticking that cement truck in the blackbook

An artist’s impression of the WA and Queensland AFL teams being sent to Victoria to keep the AFL season going

Please note, this may not be accurate….

As they did not travel by Convoy:

And finally, here’s an out of context Adam Simpson trying to magically make the Western Bulldogs domination on Sunday magically disappear

Sometimes I do that when Mark McGowan goes up for a press conference.

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