Quotes That Have Aged INTERESTINGLY: Mercedes Benz edition

In the build-up to the British Formula One Grand Prix, there were two separate headlines that may or may not look hilarious in hindsight.

The first was Toto Wolff’s comments after Max Verstappen and Red Bull won the Austrian Grand Prix:

A fair comment, considering Max was only 32 points ahead after the Austria races, but on Friday, there was Lewis Hamilton’s comments after he qualified on ‘pole’ for the inaugural Sprint Qualifying race, which may have been slightly exaggerated by the Daily Express:

The actual quote itself from Lewis on the Friday was “I need to bring out the lion tomorrow and give it everything. It starts with the start, so we’ll be practising that.”

A quote so good it needs a song:

Well, the lion wasn’t quite used to full effect on Saturday considering Lewis lost the lead to Verstappen at the jump and started from 2nd…..

But that rabid feline inside of Hamilton was definitely starved overnight, to such a degree that it became rabid on Lap 1 and viewed that little Red Bull as a piece of red meat when they approached Copse:

Imagine doing that at Zandvoort in front of the Dutch fans

In short, the lion was brought out, it mauled the Red Bull to death, and left it’s corpse to be paraded under a tarpaulin on a flat bed truck.

Probably should’ve seen it coming after Toto’s “One DNF” comment, because whaddaya know, Verstappen gets punted out on Lap 1, Hamilton wins the race, and from 33 points behind, it’s only 8 points the difference heading into Hungary.

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