The best hour of Australian Olympic action I’ve seen in a long time

Just to preface this, the most Gold Medals that Australia has won in a day at any Summer Olympic Games is 3, which they last achieved on Day 10 at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This morning, Australian athletes matched the record in an hour for the ages.

First up, the World Champion Women’s Four won an enthralling race against the Dutch after every team passed under a Tokyo bridge, in the most intense race between Australia and the Netherlands since Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen went wheel to wheel at Malaysia in 2016.

Just quietly, bravo Annabelle McIntyre, another champion Western Australian.

Then in the very next race, the World Champion Australian Men’s Four of Purnell, Turrin, Hargreaves and Hill won the Olympic Gold medal for the first time since the Oarsome Foursome in 1996, ending Britain’s 20 year Olympic winning streak in the event, and it appears once the British realised they couldn’t catch the Aussies, they instead decided to go off course and wipe out the Italians in revenge for the European Championship final, although once again the Italians took the prize:

Might need the blinkers next time

Funnily enough, today is 25 years and one day since the Oarsome Foursome’s win!

Next up, the Australian Men’s Quad Sculls charged home late to take the Bronze medal, only just missing the Silver medal after the British team tired late and the Netherlands broke their Gold Medal drought at the games after so many near misses:

Next up to complete the Golden Hour, along came Ariarne ‘The Spirit of Tasmania Titmus with a superbly executed swim in the 200m freestyle final to deny Siobhan Haughey…. on that note, Merry Titmus Everyone!

Complete with Dean Boxall following up his effort on Monday by humping a guard rail in celebration:

I could be wrong, but Titmus is the first Australian athlete since Stephanie Rice at Beijing to win multiple Gold Medals at an Olympic Games.

And, in the final Rowing medal race of the day, the Women’s Quad Sculls, the Australian four came from the clouds to grab another Bronze medal thanks to the German boat apparently flooding at the worst moment, which seems to be a serious problem in Deutschland of late, as the dominant Chinese team were in a race of their own:

In all of those rowing finishes, who better to have commentating a driving finish than Matt Hill, a guy who calls driving finishes for a living at Victorian racecourses.

60 minutes, 5 medals, 3 Gold, 2 Bronze, all of them involving water.

We are indeed, GIRT BY SEA.

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