Arigato Gozaimasu Tokyo, Arigato Gozaimasu Japan

Couldn’t have done it without the Volunteers

The good people of Japan got dealt the shittest hand in Olympic history, many people didn’t even want them to go ahead even after the delay, and yet, despite having billions of dollars and years of hard work flushed down the toilet, they took one for the team and gave us a great Olympic Games….

Despite the fact they were robbed of crowds, which for me was the most crushing disappointment of the entire fortnight, endured daily humidity levels to rival Darwin in the wet season, IOC President Thomas Bach reminding everyone he won a Fencing Gold Medal for West Germany in 1976, plus Channel 7’s many attempts to crush the spirits of locked down Australians with adverts for The Voice as we celebrated our equal-greatest Olympic performance in history.

Arigato you wonderful people, for 2 weeks you made us forget we’re up to our necks in a pandemic, and now begins the sinking feeling that the grandest show in world sport has ended for 3 years….

Actually, that’s a bit unfair on the Paralympians about to get their time to shine on August 24.

One last fun fact – The font for the Arigato was the exact same font they used for the “Sayonara” in the Closing Ceremony for the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games!

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