A few ‘It Happens’ Moments from Round 21 of the AFL season

No.1 this week has to come from the Geelong vs GWS game on Friday night, which belongs right up there for the worst passages of play this season…

With the Giants lead whittled down to 9 points with 6 minutes to go, Isaac Cumming goes for a clearing snap 10m out from Geelong’s goal, only to hit Jordan Clark lace out on the chest for an easy set shot for the Cats….

Which Clark proceeded to kick out on the full after hitting the belly of the ball.

Next thing you know, the Giants kick the final 2 goals of the game to seal the upset of the year, and Chris Scott was on the phone to Fremantle to ask if that 2nd Round pick for Clark was still on offer.

I believe the Dockers have now dropped it to a 3rd Round pick and a bag of peanuts, although based on Freo’s standard of goal kicking, they’ll probably give the Cats a 1st Rounder.

Zac Bailey producing the Bump of the Year on Nathan Wilson to create a goal out of nothing

Because sometimes you don’t need to bother tackling someone:

I wonder what hurt more… the pain of kicking Bailey’s leg, or the pain from the beating Nathan’s ego received in that moment.

Brisbane pulling off the Golden Fist & Falcon double… at Tom Berry’s expense


The West Coast – Melbourne game becoming the first Home & Away game to be suspended due to lightning in 7 years

The official length of the final quarter?

59 minutes, 28 seconds.

Prior to tonight, you include the AFLW, the last 3 home & away games to involve a stoppage due to a lightning strike had all involved GWS:

Round 1 of 2014 against Sydney, in which the start of the 2nd Quarter was delayed by 25 minutes due to a passing thunderstorm, plus two games at Drummoyne Oval in 2018 and 2019.

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